ED VoxPop: What Song Would You Sing If You Wanted Something Expensive?

We’ve all had those heartbreaking, soul-crushing, down in the dumps, I-don’t-want-to-live anymore moments at the mall when your heart is glued to that one thing that can make your world better but Mom says “NO” *glass breaking*.

Yes, guys, I’m talking leather boots, oxford shoes, denim shirts that cost an arm and a leg and maybe one week’s laundry.

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ED asked some people as to what song they would sing for their mother if they wanted something expensive. These were the responses recorded:



Arash- Broken Angel


Taare Zameen Par- Jame Raho

kashika 1

Bruno Mars- Grenade


Raja Aur Runk- Tu Kitni Achhi Hai


Magic- Rude


Gambler- Choodi Nahi Ye Mera Dil Hai


De Dana Dan- Paisa

So these were their humble requests. Hopefully, they will work or *chann se jo toote koi sapna* .

If you have a better proposal comment below and tell us ;)

Graphic Credits: Abhinav Jain

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