ED VoxPop: What Indians have to tell Sadhvi Prachi

“Now that we have achieved the mission of making a Congress-free India, it is time to make India Muslim-free. We are working on that,”

Respects to you, Sadhvi Prachi ji.

We saw your video. And we were BAFFLED! While you are very ambitious and have shown guts to light off a controversy, here’s what INDIANS have got to say. With ED’s VoxPop section we bring out their opinions to you and the rest of the world.







Mahatma Gandhi was a British Agent, The Khans lure Hindu girls, and hence their movies should be boycotted and shouldn’t be entertained. Also, there are a few terrorists in the parliament. Yes! .All issues of national importance, totally..

Yes Sadhvi ji, we do follow whatever you say. But your holy highness, your minions don’t seem to be working hard enough.

Sorry Sadhvi Prachi ji!! There are only INDIANS here, not divided communities on the basis of religion. Hope you’ll find your vision in some other world. And yes, please do take Azam Khan with you. (If you are okay)

But how do you expect to make a nation free of a religion which makes up 14% of its population? I don’t know what you mean to do, but hope you don’t blurt out utter foolishness and find another FIR filed against you.



Graphic Credits: Angana Shah

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