ED VoxPop: We Asked The Mirandians What They Think About The Selfie Ban

Taking selfies has been banned. What do Mirandians have to say?

In 1970, Miranda House students abolished the Miss Miranda beauty contest. The students believed that you can never put a face to beauty: how can one face, one body type, one accent determine what “beauty” is? That was an extremely important decision, well ahead of its times.

Fast forward half a decade, and who would have thought that the college authorities will one day decide to ban selfies?

Here is the crux: Miranda House college authorities had banned taking selfies for the School of Open Learning students, whose classes are held in the college every Sunday. The authorities believe this step was necessary to protect the college property from vandalization. Students climb college property in the name of good photos, and cause a lot of damage. According to the authorities, a vast number of photos of the college get uploaded on social media and many who do not study in the institution might think that there is no real education being imparted to the students.

Are the college authorities justified in their thinking? We asked some Mirandians, and this is what they have to say:






So, the verdict is pretty much the same. As much as it is a restrictive decision, it also brings to our view the discrimination being practiced in university spaces.

There is no selfie-meter that determines the more the selfies, the less lessons being taken place in the college.

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