ED VoxPop: Pokémon Go: Which Rare Pokémon Can Be Found In Your Neighbourhood

Pokemon Go has certainly taken the world by storm. You open any social media website, news channel, it’s everywhere. Not that we are complaining. (Or are we?) It has not even been 20 days since the launch of the game, and people have gone absolutely bonkers over it, and it has become the most popular app in the history of the United States. Moreover, it is not even available in India yet, but we Indians know little knacks for the things we love.

With much jugaad, we are all after the much loved Pokemons. In Chennai, people ran across the park because there was a rare Pokemon Blastoise there. Do we need to say more?

People are walking like they have never walked before, socializing, running, fighting, killing (just an exaggeration) for Pokemons.

We, at ED, are totally aware of this craze, and decided to ask people where they found a rare Pokemon, as a part of ED VoxPop to make people’s lives a tad bit easier.

Check out people’s answers here. This might help you catch’em all!



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Pokemons are taking over the world, and believe me, it’s true. It’s 2016 and we are all up for world domination by Pokemons. Aren’t you a part of this hullabaloo? Tell us in the comments.

Also, where can I find Pikaaaa-Pikachuuuu?

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