ED VoxPop: Which Celebrities Should Have ‘I Will Shut Up in 2016’ As Their New Year Resolution?

We all have been making new year resolutions since childhood. Following some to the core or breaking some as soon as the clock strikes a second over 12 midnight. Even then we choose to keep on setting a resolution to ring in the next year with joy.

So as 2016 is about to start, we at ED thought to ease the resolution making process for some of the celebrities.

Finding out who the younglings think should have “I will shut up in 2016” as their new year resolution, presenting to you the ED VoxPop.

vp new year resolution 1

vp new year resolution 2





Looks Rakhi Sawant and KRK have been breaking their new year resolutions from many years. Because they do not seem to leave the list of the supposed celebrities made by the youth.

Tell us who is that person who should have ‘keeping quiet’ as the new year resolution in 2016 in the comments below.

And make your new year resolutions, whether to break or to follow is up to you. Till then Happy New Year!!


Graphic Credits: Harshita Sharma


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