ED VoxPop: The Mumbai vs Delhi Fight Continues…

After ED’s Poster Series on the Mumbai – Delhi Fight, we are back with yet another take on the Mumbai vs Delhi quarrel, which doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

This time getting to know what the people feel about both the cities.

Describing both the metros in one phrase they ended up revealing lots.

So does the youth like Mumbai more or Delhi more? Read between their lines!

mumbai vs delhi vp 1

mumbai vs delhi vp 2

mumbai vs delhi vp 3

mumbai vs delhi vp 4

mumbai vs delhi vp 5

mumbai vs delhi vp 6

Write to us in comments on what’s your description of Mumbai and Delhi in one phrase.

Are you a Mumbaikar or a Dilliwallah or just a hippie loving everything which comes along.

Graphic Credits: Panache Ideas and Harshita Sharma


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