ED Voxpop: What Is It Like To Be A Muslim In A Country Like India?

Being a muslim in India isn’t a cake-walk. Muslims in India have always had a step child like treatment. Although, they have a better position in the country than in any of the countries in middle east, it is still very apprehensive.


Time and again they’re asked to prove their nationalism and defend themselves. Be it after recent surgical strikes in Pakistan or after any terrorist attack, muslims are always asked to prove their innocence.

After the entire border issues earlier this year, ensued another battle for the muslims in the country! In major muslim universities like Jamia Milia Islamia (Delhi), Jamia Hamdard (Delhi) and Aligarh University (U.P.), hostels were raided in search of “terrorists”. This is how the muslims are doubted and Islam is considered to be the propagator of terrorism in India.

Similarly, at airports and in other public places during security checks muslims are frisked more. Even celebs like Shahrukh has faced such problems. In major metropolitan cities in India, sometimes people even refuse to rent their flats or shops to muslims.

Keeping such incidents in mind, we at ED decided to ask a few muslims how they feel about being a part of a minority religion in India. What is it really like to be a muslim here?

Are there any special privileges of being a muslim? Or is it only difficulties that come along with a surname like Khan or Qureshi? What are some everyday experiences that people from other religions don’t face or go through?

Question for Voxpop: What Is It Like To Be A Muslim In A Country Like India?

Here are opinions and everyday experiences of a few muslims and how exactly they feel about being a muslim in India:

Muslims' condition in India, opinion of a muslim himself.




What a muslim think about being a part of the minority religion in India.



Opinion on condition of Muslims.


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