ED Gets You Heartfelt Posters On What It Is Like To Work In MNCs: The Dirty Truth

I am sure that everyone today knows what a MNC looks like and how does one feel working there.

There are lots of differences between the expectation and the reality.

Expectations are like Double cheeseburger but the reality actually is Vada Pav.

Therefore, ED throws in some insightful poster series for its readers about what is it like working in an MNC!

When your paycheque is a distant dream!

1 (1)

Savings be like: It’s my birthday It’s my birthday I’m gonna spend my money!


Work Turns me into a machine man!


Bann gaya Kutta! Bandh gaya Patta!



The situations mentioned above are subject to corporate risks.

The lifestyle portrayed above may vary from person to person.

Think and choose your work wisely and carefully, else you too will be one amongst the many sharing and liking this article.

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Graphic credits: Abhinav Jain, Harshita and Prerna

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