Not To Miss: Daulat Ram College’s Annual Economic Fest: Economania 2016

Éclat the Economics Society of Daulat Ram College is organizing its Annual Economic Festival, Economania 2016 on 1st and 2nd of February. Filled with various exciting events planned meticulously, it promises to be a treat for all economic enthusiasts.

And even those with little knowledge pertaining to the subject.

The festival would commence with the release of the much awaited “Optima”, the Annual Economic Magazine  of Éclat. The inauguration would be presided over by Prof. Jayati Ghosh, one of the world’s leading economists and a renowned economics professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Economania would offer a plethora of academically simulated events like Pehla Sauda, the Mock Stock which would provide a first hand experience of trading in a stock market and expand one’s financial knowledge.

With Modi giving a boost to start-ups, why should students lag behind. This calls for the Business Class, which provides an opportunity to formulate a detailed business plan, compete and find out which plan makes the maximum profits.

Not forgetting the importance of a little fun, there is an event, Paragon Chase-the quest for the hidden treasure, and the Economic Tambola, E-Bola. Keeping up with its legacy of organizing a new event every year, Economania will also bring to you the black market, Kala Baazari.

This was a sneak peek into Economania, the Economics Festival of DRC. Packed with its numerous events, it guarantees to provide both entertainment and an opportunity to learn.

So be there with your friends for Economania on 1st and 2nd February, 2016.

Check out the event here:


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