DU- Drama Unplugged

Lights. Camera. DU. The Drama culture seems to spread like wildfire in the Delhi University. With freshers dying to be a part of the various DramSocs (as the Drama Societies are called), the whole idea of street and stage plays has become an inevitable part of life at DU, and why not, after all most actors and directors trace their roots to this majestic institution. It is not only an ideal platform for established film hotshots to promote their work but also gives immense opportunities to budding talent.

One such event was the fest of AIIMS- Pulse! Where all the DramSoc seniors brought the new fucchas to the event to sit back and learn from the performances of others, being a freelancer, I sat there being amazed by the level of talent and energy these people have!

Finding the central lawn was a task which was made worse by the blazing heat. But it was totally worth it.

There were a number of colleges (KNC, GGS, Gargi to name a few) lined up for their performances. The fun thing was the judge making videos of the plays himself. *evil laugh*

Each college had their varied and distinct calls and way of attracting people with peppy numbers turned into songs and the clichéd and ever-so-present Suno Suno! Guru Gobind Singh College’s ‘Chidiya Ki Kahani’ took my breath away and was a personal favourite. They stupefied the audience and compelled them to fight away the patriarchal society.



Another interesting concept was ‘Joota’ by Gargi College which was a political satire. It introduced a person in search of change who finds a ‘shoe’ that will bring about the change.



The street play of Kamla Nehru College ‘Udaan Ab Bhi Baaki Hai’ was a satire on the liberation of the urban women.



These have greater roles to play in the society. With almost all plays targeting social issues, crimes against women and gender discrimination remains the most common theme running through them all.

I can’t help but go gaga over the sheer brilliance that each team was outflowing with. Never knew creativity could reach such a level. I am sure the judges might have had a tough time picking the winners. A thoroughly enjoyable day!

This not only proves the fact that there is no dearth of talent in India but also provides a platform to people to get their voices heard. Being the GenX, we not only are proactive to speak about what affects us but also have the courage to bring about a change. Such portrayal of social issues makes my belief in this fact all the more stronger.

The only advice after living through the street play experience, “Be Dramebaaz!”


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