Don’t Have Courage To Defy Patriarchy At Home But Can Shout Feminism On Social Media?

Feminism is one of the major areas where hypocrisy prevails the most.

Don’t close the tab. I’m not going to talk against feminism, again.

Thousands of people across the territory of India are fighting hard to eradicate the long prevalent epidemic called patriarchy. They are literally physically fighting male domination. Coming out of their houses, protesting on streets, filing PILs in courts, forcefully entering temples where women are not allowed due to the customs as outdated as the cobwebs in those temples.


Tripti Desai being one such example.

Then there is this other feminist class who are nothing more than mouthpieces. They are the ones behind social media posts which consider every man as a bully. The capacity to absorb a joke and let it go is not one of their fortes. They think they have an opinion. Not think, they BELIEVE they have an opinion. Believing the correct thing is also not one of their fortes.

From menstruation to bra straps, they have glorifying opinions on everything. But only on social media. Yes, that was the twist I was deliberating.

Social media is that platform where one can hide behind a computer screen and blabber whatever the hell they want. It is so easy. Have an internet connection and Ready, Set, GO!


In real life, these so called social media feminists don’t even have the guts to negate the patriarchy that is happening in their own house. Maybe the LED screen is the only place they feel like a warrior. Charity starts at home. Doesn’t it?

In a country like India, where patriarchy is still at peak, the one way you can contribute to the society is to oppose the dominant regressive mindsets.  And social media should not be the starting point. Start from your home.

Girls who don’t even have the guts to put a profile pic with a guy friend because their relatives might judge them and speak ill of them are the ones who have the most aggressive status updates.

Guys believe in women equality but rely on their wife or mother and expect them to cook food for their lazy ass and do all the household chores. You sitting on a sofa with your dad watching the match and your mother/wife cooking food for six in the kitchen in this humid weather and extra humid kitchen. You call yourself a f#cking feminist?

Someone out there is fighting for your rights and you do not have the audacity to go against your father’s decision of meeting a prospective bridegroom? That is the least you can contribute. Don’t weep later when he forcefully marries you to someone.

Leave short skirts and entering into temples, first have the courage to go against your mother’s orders of not touching your house’s temple during “those” days.

We have mistaken the phrase “make this world a better place” with “make social media a better place”. Social Media can wait, but not the world.



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