A road trip is one of the most amazing experiences for the petrol-heads (also read diesel-heads) as it is coupled with thrill, excitement and a source of rejuvenation.

While some Indian roads are unfit for driving, the poor driving skills make the scenario worst, especially for those who understand driving and take it seriously.

Various surveys and reports have found that every four minutes a life is lost on Indian highways mainly because of the road conditions or fault of other drivers.

But these two are not the only reasons, the poor maintenance of cars and driving without safety features on highways is also responsible for fatal accidents.

With superior technologies now coming to the Indian car market, here are a few which are necessary for a safe highway drive, before you plan your next road trip.

1. Automatic Energy Braking (AEB)

This feature is gaining enough attention, especially from the highway drivers as it can sense a fatal collision about to happen.

The technology is such that even if the driver cannot push the brakes on time, the brakes will be applied automatically sensing a potential danger of colliding with another car or object on the road.

2. Rear-View Camera

Mostly these cameras come with a wide-angle having a 180-degree view of the backside. This helps drivers to avoid accidents which can happen from animals moving over the highways or when bike or cycle riders suddenly pop up from nearby lanes.

3. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

ACC is one of the best features to have in the car, especially for the drivers who love long highway cruises. It is also helpful in heavy traffic situation as this feature can automatically sense when to apply the accelerator and the brakes.

In case of an anticipated collision, this feature will automatically tighten your seatbelt and apply the brakes harder to maintain the right amount of space between other vehicles or objects on the road.

4. Built-In Navigation Feature

Often road trips are about exploring new places and thus having a GPS system installed (which can guide you through the journey), can be helpful, especially when you are driving during nights.

5. Drowsiness Alert System

This is what all highway drivers should have in their cars as driving for a whole day or night can lead to drowsiness due to sleeplessness or exhaustion.

This feature detects that the driver is falling asleep by sensing his/her driving which drifts frequently or by the falling speed of the car without reason.

This provides the signal so that you can apply the brake on time and get yourself a glass of water and a few splashes on your eyes as well.

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6. Adaptive Headlights

These headlights rotate even before you are rotating/turning your car. This helps you see any bump in front of the road or anything which can be a source of a potential accident, especially during nights.

7. Zoom Safer

When a message from your loved one’s pops on your mobile screen, while driving on the highways away from them, you feel the urge to reply them back without stopping your car. However, it can cause a major accident because of negligence.

The zoom safer feature comes with an inbuilt speaker which announces the name of the caller, so you don’t need to take your eyes off the road. If you get a text while driving, zoom safer will text them back on your behalf saying that you will reply in some time.

8. Forward Collision System (FCS)

If you don’t have a zoom safer, you must get FCS because while you are on phone or texting while driving, this feature will avoid colliding with the vehicle or object in front of you. If not completely avoiding the collision, at least it can calm down the impact when you are busy texting.

9. Ignition Interlock Devices

This is an amazing feature whether for highway drivers or people driving in cities. Every day numerous accidents take place due to drunk driving.

This feature can sense your breath when you enter the car and if the alcohol level in your bloodstream is more than the permissible limit, the car won’t start at all.

Additional Precaution: Have Motor Insurance in Place

You may have one or more of these safety features in your car to protect yourself against an unforeseen incident, but what about the safety of your own car? As mentioned before, driving on Indian roads has its own perils, including rule-breaking and road accidents.

Therefore, it is imperative to buy a comprehensive car or motor insurance that can not only provide coverage for damages caused to the third-party but also financially safeguard your car. Such a motor insurance policy, can provide coverage against:

  • Theft and vandalism
  • Fire
  • Damage to Third-party
  • Accidents caused due to animals
  • Glass and windshield damage
  • Weather/acts of nature, etc.

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