Domino’s Has Announced This Bizarre New Mode Of Pizza Delivery

Domino’s is one of the favourite brands for pizza lovers. And for the majority, a pizza from Domino’s is only a phone call away. But until recently, those living along the rivers had no such luck.

But Domino’s have shown their concern for those starving folks and announced pizza delivery through canoes?! Yes, I’m just as surprised as you.


The new means of delivery through water is only currently available along river Loose in Maidstone, Kent, in England.

Store manager at the Domino’s in Loose, lona Paozalyte said, “We’re really excited to be the first store in the UK tasked with providing a river service.”

“Being in an area that is famed for its scenic waterways means the rivers are a big part of the local community so we’re glad we can extend our standard delivery methods to harness the local scenery and ensure we can deliver by land or water to pizza lovers in the area,” he continued.

The pizzas will be delivered in special boxes which can float and will be accompanied by a delivery boy whose job is to prevent its drowning.

It’s great living by the river but it has always been impossible to get food delivered to our house so we owe Domino’s a big thank you for allowing us to have a night in,” said Debbie Hayes, the lucky first to receive a pizza through a canoe.

The branch in Loose has already been open for around a month and in that time period, it has managed to sell around 111,000 slices of pizza.

This isn’t the first case of pizzas being delivered to an unusual occasion. A pilot of a flight from Washington to Denver ordered 35 pizzas for the hungry passengers when the flight had been delayed due to rain.

And if you thought that was weird, Pizza Hut sent the first pizza into space in 2001. Yuri Usachov  ordered a pizza from an International Space Station. The delivery cost Pizza Hut a whopping $1 million.

But you have to give Domino’s full points for innovation. Already a huge outlet worldwide, they’re still not letting laziness creep in. They’re making an effort to ensure that everyone, no matter in which part of the world, gets to enjoy a delicious pizza when they want to (such saints).

Meanwhile, in India, the delivery boy gets lost trying to find my home. No, I do not live along a river. It’s just in a slightly less populated area in Delhi (yes, such places do exist) but still nobody should have any trouble finding it.

If Domino’s would also make an effort to ensure an efficient delivery method in places where it is already established, that would be great. But you have to be happy for those folks living along the rivers to finally be able to have a pizza delivered at their home.

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