Does PETA’s Stand On Jallikattu Represent Their Ignorance Towards Tamil Culture? ED’s VoxPop Finds Out

While the north Indian media still fails to report the issue of jallikattu in its entirety, not many up north really know what the game stands for.

Why did so many Tamilians really demand for banning PETA? What significance does jallikattu hold in the lives of Tamilians?

Now that the noises have died down a bit, it is time that we reflect on the game and what it really means to the people.

Jallikattu or Sallikattu is a major part of Pongal celebrations in Tamil Nadu.

Jallikattu is a portmanteau of two Tamil words salli (coins) and kattu (package). The bull involved in the game has coins attached to its horn in a bundle of cloth, which the participants are supposed to take off as a part of celebration money.
In the Tamil classical period, from 400BC to 100BC, it was a prime sport, which later became a display of valour.

Did PETA locate their concerns with the culture of the celebrations? We asked some people and here is what they had to say on it.

Jallikattu opinion




Technically, what should not be forgotten.
Technically, what should not be forgotten.


PETA and the hypocrisy.
PETA in Yulin, please.


Killing in the name of culture.


Certainly people do feel that there is some ignorance taking on the part of human rights organisations. However, as we say, there is another group mainting the balance of the universe – which strongly believes in coming up with something that will pacify both the sides of the story.

Image Credits: Nandiminti Sarvani

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