Do we need Kejriwal?

Any Chartered Accountant worth his salt could have figured out the gross irregularities in Robert Vadra’s accounts with just a cursory look at his books. Arvind Kejriwal has exposed him through a series of information freely available in the public domain. He did not have go to great lengths to get the requisite evidence against him.
The Robert Vadra scam is not just about the number of zeroes involved but the impunity with which such high profile individuals break the law. Vadra could have hired professionals to use sophisticated methods of money-laundering. But he chose not to bother himself with such minor details as he never considered the possibility of ever getting caught. And it is precisely this complacency among politicians(and their kith and kin) that Arvind Kejriwal has attacked through his revelations. It is but a small step in the pursuit of a larger goal of introducing probity in public life.

There are people(mostly elitist) who do not believe in his ‘modus-operandi’. But the ‘mango people’ of the country have become sick and tired of the lack of transparency in the Government. The Nitin Gadkari-NCP episode demonstrates how politicians irrespective of whether they belong to the ruling party or the opposition party collude to amass vulgar sums of money for themselves and the next seven generation of their family. They feel it is their right to use the taxpayers’ hard-earned money for their personal benefits and any protest against them is not tolerated. A politician of Salman Khurshid’s stature(who by the way has been elevated to the post of Minister for External Affairs in the recent Cabinet reshuffle) challenged Kejriwal to set foot in his constituency in words befitting only a gunda when the later launched a campaign against him.

India needs activists like Kejriwal to bring about a change in the system.True, Anna gave the movement against corruption a definite shape but Young India has become impatient for change and needs somebody like Kejriwal to sustain the momentum of the movement.


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