Do Groups Fighting For Men’s Rights In India Seem To Promote Toxic Masculinity Where They Can’t See Women Equal To Them?


How do you save a family in India? By working out differences between the two people at odds with each other?

Or by getting the men to play the victim card, claiming to be at the receiving end of all the wrong that is done in the world.

Well, according to men’s rights organizations, it’s the latter. And they tend to go to town about it.

There are many such NGOs fighting for men’s rights in India, which they claim have been grossly violated by an increasingly anti-male judiciary and society.

If you were an alien who was visiting planet Earth for the first time and the website of such organizations was the only thing you had read upon arrival, you would assume that the human male is the most discriminated creature with no rights and no voice and that the females are these all-powerful things that have established their dominance.

I notice with horror that these organizations pervert genuine issues that men have in India and portray them as a part of a narrative in which there is an active conspiracy against them.

They say they are the victim, that they are not powerful, that the system is failing them and that they need to ‘win back their rights’.

A majority of their case is men who have been wronged by the system. Specifically by laws that are meant to protect women. These are men who have been wrongly accused in cases of rape, dowry, domestic violence etc.

While there is no issue with the legitimacy of their grievances, there is a huge one with how their stories are used to show that men need to fight.

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In an interview with VICE News India, the president of SIFF, one such organization claimed that just because you are a man, you can’t be powerful.

He was questioned that ‘Are men not more powerful than women in India‘.

To which his reply was ‘We dispute that‘.

This is the core of the issue with many such organizations. They are not there to safeguard the abuses of law that create people who make up their base. Instead, it is to promote a movement that is nothing but a knee-jerk reaction to women gaining equality in society.

Do the founders of these movements come from a highly patriarchal, male privilege driven society? Where it is the norm to give preference to the man and where women’s rights are just paid lip service.

When they see that women are gaining prominence, reaching positions of power, having a say in how the world is run, the can’t stomach it, and thus create these movements that feed off of the genuineness of people wronged by the system, to promote an agenda that tries to restore their comfort zone, a man-first world.

They choose to ignore the fact that women still face a lot of abuse in India, that women’s rights are still a useless fixture in many places when they claim that women have more rights than them.

They ignore the long list of rapes, molestation, and deaths when they claim that the crimes against them deserve more attention.


Male protecting organisations thrive off this closet patriarch that exists within every man, even some feminists. Men have been conditioned to put themselves first, to feel superior. They feel uncomfortable when a strong female presence overshadows them, leading them to lash out.

Violations and abuses of the law exist in every paradigm. But they can’t be used to justify striking down the law. The abuses themsleves need to be addressed, striking down laws is an unsustainable way to address these issues, on both sides.

All that these organizations do is promote toxic masculinity and nothing else. They use innocent men to further their agenda and create this hypothetical world in which the man is a weak, right-less downtrodden creature, all because they cannot see women coming up to be equal to them.

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Sources: VICE News India, Times of India, Hindustan Times

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  1. The blogger seems naive and have no knowledge of the laws and on going issues in society. Seems hungry for attention by abusing men and by sympathising with women which is general practice in media, I am not surprised with his behavior. He claims about women death as bigger issue but never bother to look data how many men or commiting suicide and how many men are deing at early stage.

  2. Mr. Tanmay, I second your liberalism when you quouted figures and statistics of rapes, murders, abuse of men. But why did you limited yourself upto that?? Dont you have acess to figures depicting suicides by men tormented by female centric laws??

  3. men’s rights movement is notably made up of a variety of groups and individuals who focus on numerous social issues (including family law, parenting, reproduction, domestic violence and circumcision) and government services (including education, compulsory military service, social safety nets, and health policies), which is discriminate against boys and men.

  4. Mr. Blogger please give the laws which are there to protect men. No men asks for anti women law, they ask for equal laws. Let me ask you one question, a man can be charged with adultery but a woman can’t be. Can you explain why? And this is just one small example. We are against biased laws and not against women. Just do your homework, do some research and you will find that articles of our constitution contradicts each other. The way you have written this article, even I can write such half cooked articles. So please do some research before posting such article.

  5. On one hand this article writer says that misuse of those Laws {false allegations} need to put an end to. Yet, on the other hand, this same very person (Tanmay Mehra) has resorted to putting the data of ALLEGED cases [alleged incidences of misogynistic crimes\offences] in this bogus article of his ———————— without filtering out the fake complaints from that array/set/conglomeration of OVERALL NUMBER OF CASES, he has simply clubbed everything into the same bracket and painted everything with exactly the same brush. Instead of separating out {decantation, filtration, etc∙} the fraudulent accusations from the genuine accusations, he has placed ALL THE ALLEGED CASES under the same category.

    • Filtration through\courtesy usage of sieve. {This is just a metaphorical_analogy only,,, simply for explanatory purposes alone,, and done with the aim to enhance the understanding & enable a much easier fathoming.}

      • Spurious claims of sex crimes {unfounded baseless allegations or/and outrightly frivolous plaints} को तथा correct\authentic complaints को एक संग रखना बन्द कीजिए,;, @Tanmay Mehra जी. Stop clubbing them together.

        In all these Graphs and Line Charts and Column Charts etc∙ of yours, आपने उन दो opposite चीज़ों के summation\additive_outcome को पेश/produce किया है. Conduct\perform\accomplish the calculations AFTER weeding out the fabricated charges and keeping only the authentic ones! Consider only this sifted material and kindly do not take into account the filtrated out material while performing those calculations and computations of yours!! The filtrated out substances (uncorroborated or\and absolutely concocted indictments) are actually the घटनाएँ which we people M∙R∙As∙ are interested in. You need not worry\bother regarding them. Nor must you take them into proportion when doing your calculations [simply bcoz∙ of the sheer fact that those are irrelevant to your topic\matter\subject]. Those वस्तु are our domain and not yours. While performing those calculations of yours, if you take/include these incorrect accusations inside your assessment, then, you are happening to be perpetrating¦committing a grave misconduct\injustice!!!

  6. /////When they see that women are gaining prominence, reaching positions of power, having a say in how the world is run, the can’t stomach it, and thus create these movements that feed off of the genuineness of people wronged by the system, to promote an agenda that tries to restore their comfort zone, a man-first world./////

    ^^ Hey,;, @Tanmay Mehra,;, let me remind you that right in the first place itself it was your own ilk {who support this bullcrap ❛❛❛women’s rights❜❜❜ thing} who weren’t able to stomach the fact that men were gaining prominence and reaching positions of power [not just reaching those positions but infact carrying out the very creation of these positions & powers for the first time ever] and having the say in how the world ought to be run. And that is why they ushered–in this bullshit concept\dogma of ❛❛gender equality❜❜ to ensure a comfort zone for their own selves. A man——-first world was caused by biology/physiology itself only [such as,, Y chromosome’s existence in male_humans’ bodily cells, testosterone dearth in human_women’s bodies, more number of neurons in the male brain, higher amount of upper body strength nd body mass in the case of men, lower bone density in the instance of female humans, superior content of white matter as well as superior white matter per unit volume inside the brains of human_males than that inside/within the brains of human_women, inferior quantity of grey matter PER UNIT VOLUME for men’s brains as compared to that of female brains albeit the TOTAL quantity of grey matter contained within the brains (entire brain) of human_females is still lesser than the full\whole\gross\net amount of grey matter present inside the brains of human_males because of the sheer fact that the entire¦complete volume of the brain possessed by any average random arbitrary man {random non—descript man, chosen arbitrarily} is bigger than the volumetric magnitude of a random average {arbitrarily selected} female_human’s brain, larger developed visuo spatial area in the case of men as opposed to that for women, longer reach of the arms in the case of males, stronger wrists for men in comparison to that of women, broader shoulders in the case of men when compared to that found in the bodily structures of women, faster/quicker blood pumping rate of men’s hearts, absence of menstrual cycles (impediments n hindrances) for men in stark contrast to that seen\observed in the case of women, better metabolic abilities {more appetite & superior food eating capacity} of men’s alimentary system, availability of higher amount of bodily chemical energy {which is to be spent/expended/exhausted while performing tasks like cultivation or construction or carpentry works or physics\medicine\surgery\geology\mathematics\genetics\archaeology related research or pottery or steel plant labourer / polytechnic or power station employee or foundryman or dairy farming or poultry farming or irrigation or brick manufacturing or weaving or boat building or dam¦reservoir building/constructing/erecting or sculpting or craftsmanship or fishing\mariculture\pisciculture or goatherding or ragpicking or sheepherding or harvesting or seed sowing or sapling watering or electrical power¦energy generation or pesticide\insecticide\manure pouring/throwing/hurling/spraying or crop planting or forging or metalworking or animal husbandry or cold working or hot rolling or tempering or woodcutter or fermenting etc∙} in the case of males contrary to the scenario in the case of women’s bodily stored energy, more cross sectional diameter of men’s biceps that that of women, more muscular thighs in the case of men than that in the case of women, mightier forelegs possessed by men whilst relatively weaker legs possessed by women, lower centre of gravity (C∙G∙) in the case of women’s physique (bodily framework), worse neural networks in women’s brains than that in men’s brains, other various numerous anatomical or/and endocrinological dissimilarities, et cetera] and yet you people have the audacity & the insolence to state that ❛❛patriarchy❜❜ n ❛❛❛male privilege❜❜❜ are the reasons behind this gender asymmetric patter prevalent/extant in our society. Some kinda imaginary nomenclature\terminology like ❛❛Toxic masculinity❜❜ is responsible/creditable for all these capabilities oriented gulf of difference between the masculine biology versus that of\in the feminine biology? ❛❛Patriarchy❜❜ built these sort of physiological differences? ❛❛Patriarchy❜❜ resulted into the different/contrasting sets of hormonal procedures that occur in the anterior of the respective bodies of men and women?!! ❛❛Patriarchy❜❜ made sure that women will have oestrogen n progesterone whereas men would have testosterone? ❛❛Patriarchy❜❜ brought about these somatic features??!!! ❛❛Patriarchy❜❜ gave rise to these type of physical characteristics? ❛❛Patriarchy❜❜ led to gender differences in cognitive_prowess? ❛❛Patriarchy❜❜ led to all these widely dissimilar zoological properties? ❛❛Patriarchy❜❜ caused all those sex differences in Intelligence?

    • Locomotive manufacturing, crude oil drilling, oil refining {so as to get petrol n diesel n kerosene}, minerals’ unearthing, extraction of metals from their mineral (corresponding oxide ores), L∙P∙G∙ production, coal mining, sailing on high seas, engine operating, dredging, et cetera.

    • More number\संख्या of neurons in the male brain if compared to an average female human brain. Approximately 15% to 16% extra. The former figure\count\value exceeds the latter count/number/संख्या/figure/value by this margin of 15% or 16% or so.

      • हाँ तो इन समस्त/सारे biological parameters\facets\elements\yardsticks\variables के पीछे ❛❛patriarchy❜❜ का हाथ/role/भूमिका रहा है क्या?! Variables यानी कि functional_variables.

        • ❛❛Patriarchy❜❜ played a role in these biological salient characteristic features? ❛❛Patriarchy❜❜ exerted a hand behind such factors\parameters? ❛❛Patriarchy❜❜ ने भूमिका निभाया and that is why nd how these properties/qualities/aspects/traits came into being??!!!

        • ❛❛Patriarchy❜❜ engendered women’s monthly periods but did not bestow this monthly (periodicity बरक़रार रख के repetition) phenomenon\event_unfoldings\occasion\affair\incident upon men?! ❛❛Patriarchy❜❜ effectuated what genitalia would be possessed by males whereas what genitals would be possessed by females?!! ❛❛Patriarchy❜❜ decided all of these transpirings নাকি?

  7. Brothers in the comment section, don’t take these writers seriously. These are simps and Chads as they call such people in west nowadays. Even if other guy/s will be banging their wives they will proudly proclaim its women empowerment. Even that is highly unlikely taking into consideration girls want rich guys. MRAs will never win this fight the government will never make the changes, bcoz the govt worships vagina. The only way is to go MGTOW.


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