Twins have always been a subject of much ‘aww’ and ‘ooohh’ and twin stories have been extremely popular in world literature. Twin psychology is little understood and that is probably why it has baffled so many over the years.

Today, we bring to you a series of twin stories that will leave you reeling. Next time, you will think twice before gushing about twins and how ‘adorable’ they are.

1. The Silent Sisters

Twins Jennifer and June Gibbons became notorious in the ’80s when they carried out a two-woman crime spree at age 18 that resulted in both sisters being declared psychopaths and sent to England’s most famous high-security hospital for the criminally insane.

However, they already had plenty of experience being creepy before that: As kids, they were known as “the silent twins” because they refused to speak to anyone but each other, and even then they used their own secret language that no one else could understand.

Their relationship was complicated. On one hand, they were best friends, and on the other, they occasionally tried to murder each other. It was toward the end of their 14-year stay at Broadmoor Hospital that the twins would pull off their magnum opus.

One day, they told their only friend, journalist Marjorie Wallace that one of them wouldn’t make it out of the hospital alive. Jennifer just looked at Wallace and said, “I’m going to die. We’ve decided.” On the day that they were being transferred to a lower security hospital, Jennifer suddenly passed away from a rare heart problem that was never fully explained.

As predicted, June became considerably less creepy after she stopped being a twin, and today she lives a quiet life with her family.

2. The Insane Twins

Swedish twins Ursula and Sabina Eriksson had no history of mental illness and lived normal, happy lives with their respective families. Then, one day, Ursula traveled from the U.S. to Ireland to visit her sister … and what followed was a spree of violence and shared madness that resulted in several traffic accidents and one murder victim.

Sabina and Ursula were in Ireland when, for unknown reasons, they hopped on a bus to London without telling anyone. The twins were apparently behaving like hooligans whose team had just lost, so the driver kicked them out in the middle of the highway.

At this point, they ran into a group of officers who were being filmed for a COPS-like show for the BBC.


As seen in the video, the twins were detained by the cops and appeared calm, until Ursula sprinted onto the highway and ran directly into the wheels of a truck.

The cops hadn’t even had time to react when, seconds later, Sabina did the same thing and was struck by a car. Afterward, Sabina calmed down and was behaving so normally that the cops released her the next day.

This proved to be a huge mistake: Hours later, she murdered a man who offered her a place to stay and then launched herself from a 40-foot bridge.

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3. You do the crime, I serve your time

In 1993, police arrested Ronald Anderson for assaulting his estranged wife. The only problem was that Ronald Anderson had already been arrested for the same crime days earlier, and records showed that he was currently serving his six-month sentence in prison.

They checked. He was still there.

Before the time-travel division could be called to untangle the apparent paradox, though, a friend of the wife-puncher cleared everything up: Ronald had a twin named Donald who had a habit of going to jail for his brother’s crimes.

In total, Donald says he voluntarily served four sentences for Ronald, simply because he loved his brother and believed he wasn’t ready for prison life.

It all started in the ’70s when Ronald signed up for the Army and went through months of training, only to decide at the last minute that he didn’t want to be shipped off to Korea to serve as a helicopter mechanic. Donald came in to serve as a proxy.

4. Twin inside a twin

Sanju Bhagat was born in India and for most of his life his belly distended and he looked pregnant. When he underwent surgery to remove his “tumor,” doctors were shocked to find the mutated body of his twin.
For 36 years he carried in his belly his twin brother who fed off of his blood supply to grow. This phenomenon is known as Fetus in fetu and is extremely rare, with less than 90 cases ever reported.

5. I feel what you feel

Identical twins Richard and Damian Powles could not only silently communicate with each other but they also literally felt what the other did.

In a study, the twins were placed in separate, sound-proof rooms. Richard had a bucket of water and Damien was hooked up to a polygraph machine. Richard was instructed to place his hands in the bucket of ice cold water.

At the exact moment when he plunged in, Damian’s polygraph went nuts as he drew in a sharp breath, in unison with his twin. Damian was once again outfitted with a polygraph in a separate room from Richard.

A box was placed in front of Richard and he was instructed to open it. As he did, a rubber snake jumped out and he leapt, along with his brother down the hall, who felt his surprise.

Not all twin stories are the forever-pranking-and-harmless Fred and George Weasly kind, as you might now realize. If you have spookier twin stories to contribute, do let us know in the comments section below.


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