Dilli ka Dil: CP

Connaught Place, or simply CP is located at Central Delhi and truly forms the heart of my beloved city Delhi. Yes, I said beloved, because I somehow love this city with all its quirks and perks.

I imagine CP as a culmination of two worlds, the aspirational, business, commercial one (*read starry eyed, supernaturally busy corporate sloggers) with the creative, artistic, romantic, care-free, touristy one (*read already love-struck, hoping to be love struck or/and as the case maybe). For those that do not fall into any of the above categories, please feel free to digress in the comments below to get insight into the reasoning behind the said classification.

You Got Some Dough?? Nah!

Connaught Place is truly that ONE place in Delhi, where you can have oodles of fun irrespective of the cash in your wallet. CP can delight you with its offerings for your cash strapped days of ‘kangali’ ( last week of the month) to the days when you don’t hesitate to flick out your debit card (first week of the month, whenever you receive your pocket money).

While in CP: Slurp, Chew, Eat, Repeat!

While in CP: Slurp, Chew, Eat, Repeat!

There are the roadside vendors selling tea, snacks such as samosas, bun makhan, bhel puri, momos and the likes. On the other hand, you have Starbucks, Nando’s, Burger King and premium legendary restaurants. Both somehow managing to tempt your soul to cardinal sin of gluttony.

Interesting single-serving friends


When you are busy minding your own business, but an insanely hot guy with that British accent asks you if you know where to head for the British Consulate whilst you were heading for British Council Library yourself, what do you do? Enjoy the moment, girls, that’s what!

Even more interesting lifetime Facebook friends

Cp fri

What happens when the least travelled true-blood Delhi girl meets a beautiful girl from Tajikistan who has chartered her way across nearly 15 countries? Well, you are in for a surprise my friend. A conversation, that’s what happens. It could begin from anything, something as random and providential as needing directions to the nearest KFC (by the foreign girl, of course), as you simultaneously discover that it is pretty much the only known place to serve halal chicken.

Utilize social media platforms to keep in touch with your single serving friends if you wish to.
Utilize social media platforms to keep in touch with your single serving friends if you wish to.

Love is in the air!

Well, you just can’t get enough of that particular emotion in CP. It just comes in all shapes and even family packs. Teens coming on their first dates, young people hanging out while sub-consciously scrounging for their soul mates, family bonding while binging, you get the idea, right?

CP maze1
Not without reason is CP known as the ‘Heart of Delhi’, eh?

Soak In the Patriotic Fervour

There cannot be an Indian whose heart doesn’t swell with pride and honour for the country on beholding the magnificent tri-colour. It’s a beautiful sight to see the National Flag fluttering in the wind.


So, basically, if you find yourself at CP for business or for leisure, be prepared to make new memories whilst you relive the old ones.


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