Dilemmas We All Face When We Are Around 20 yrs Old

How does it feel when you are thrown out from the comfort of your black-and-white fairytale world and into the cold and harsh reality of what they all call “the grey”? You are boosted with your youthful stamina, with the vision of doing wonders but at the same time existential crisis strikes you now and then making you feel that you are up to no good!

To start saving or be carefree and procrastinate?

To hold a grudge or to move on?

To get that fancy degree or to embrace a long-forgotten dream?

To give-in to the stigmas or to my carve my own niche?

To skip the third helping of the apple pie or to lament in guilt the next day?

You don’t have to be as great as Hamlet to have a dilemma, you just have to be twenty-fucking-one!

  1. Confusion! Confusion! Confusion!

Your idealistic days are over and you have no clear directions to steer your life. You tend to overanalyze and make the wrong choice most of the time.

I’m a graduate! Yayy! But what now? Do I do my post-grad? Or do I take a break and travel? Or rather get a job and secure some funds to make my future more independent? Oh! But this would be a lot of work. I guess I should just settle, become a housewife and bake pies. That must be easy, no?


  1. Losing the “flower”…

To give it away or to save it for later? That’s the real question. With almost half a decade gone by you are no longer satisfied with getting your dues from F-tv, the cute heart-throb of a teen drama, erotica (fifty shades much?) and internet (the archive of even the most weird fantasia). You are past the stage of hushed whispers and giggles and your curiosity is fully satiated. Keeping ‘it’ intact until marriage seems a comparatively tougher choice.

But log kya kehenge? But who will tell these log? Maybe I should tell him I’m ready! But how protective is this protection? Oh! Why don’t I get married and end this desperation with social acknowledgement?

losing the flower

  1. Mujhse fraaandship karoge?

You were once a conversational wizard but breaking the ice is now at a social gathering makes you a nervous-wreck. This is mostly because almost all the people you meet after graduation seem like douchebags. You don’t have time to get to their frequency and make it easier for both of you to ‘hang-out’.

The equation I had with my college buddies was so easy-going. I think I should call them and plan a re-union! “Work!” “Presentation!” “Date!” “Submission!” “**too lazy to get-up!**”: screams the group-chat (sub-text: rain check until one of us gets married).


  1. The planning and plotting

You are stuck in a 9 to five job and you hate it. You curse your useless degree and embrace the sweet euphoria of your care-free childhood days (the only reserve of comfort). Making good money does seem to be buying you happiness.

Can I change the course I’ve taken? My ulterior motive is to be happy. How much money does a base-guitarist make anyway? Maybe I should start my own band! But dad will kick me out of the house. Oh chuck it! I will slave for another twenty years, be stinking rich and keep these dreams for my 40’s. After all this is what Rock-On was all about…

Whatever it is, you don’t have the luxury of having distant dreams now for it’s time to act now.


  1. Finding “the One”

You might have been well-past the stage of finding your knight-in-shining armour but you still crave for one last torrid love affair which will make you go all weak in your stomach. Your heart may have its desires but your head tells you otherwise. You are looking for something serious and you have lost the ability of having a crush on anything which seems remotely cute.

I am so done with this fling business. I’ll be getting married soon. Maybe I should just hook-up with my best friend? The conversations are so easy-going and effortless, we’ve known each other a long time, we have the same interests and opinions and most of all, it’s convenient. Ya! This would be right. Oh, but what about the fireworks?

finding someone

Life in your early 20’s, sounds easy? It is as tough as controlling yourself from grabbing that piece of cake when you are on a diet.

Pressure from all sides, pressure to do things, pressure to not do things, yes we do understand it all.

But your 20’s are the years to experiment and do all that you may not be able to do at any other juncture in your life. So live it up guys.

Go 20’s! :p


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