What you didn’t know: Handwriting leaks!

As a sequel to the article on Handwriting Analysis, we bring to you a list of famous personalities and what graphology tells us about them.

We have all been told that every individual is unique and different. The way you act, think or talk can never be a replica of someone else. But like our previous article discussed, can handwriting be a leap into your life? It turns out that though the reliability on graphology is an accurate science is meek, there are certain commonalities in handwriting and personal traits.

Let us see how these people perform on our graphology test!


  1. Rahul Gandhi

So what if he flew the country, we can not forget him. Can we ?


Right slant writing reflects an impulsive and not-so-calm temperament. The long left-ended ‘y’ that doesn’t seem to come up is believed to be showing his lack of confidence and a bleak future. The disconnect in the letters tells us that he isn’t a great performer with commitment. And before you start thinking that it’s all bad and no good, the simplicity of the handwriting is symbolic of the simplicity in his personality. The signature truncates Gandhi which likely refers to less fondness for the name.

[We still think there is more to Rahul Gandhi!

After all this while?

   Always. ]

  1. MF Hussain

He is unanimously one of the greatest painters the country has been home (or not) to. A man who started from scratch and made it to the international stage is a legend in his art.


This vote of thanks was written by him at the age of 94. The most prominent feature here is the stability and control in it which is synonymous to his personality. His handwriting also shows Phallic symbols which are associated with sexual pleasure. The right-winged ‘y’ tell us the optimism and confidence in Hussain as a person. With this, it would be fair to say that his handwriting does justice to his persona.


  1. Mother Teresa

A Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Mother Teresa was an exceptional woman who left a legacy of her goodness and belief.


Firm and strong-headed, her writing clearly indicates the signs of a an over-achiever and leader with the clear endings and bold loops. High crossed ts reflect her ambition and vision to achieve her dreams. The big ‘y’ loops are symbolic of her being extremely well articulated and organized as a person.

She was a woman who lived by her terms and did what she felt was right and the cursive handwriting and ease of flow in it are a small example for what she gave the world.

4.Jiah Khan

An actress who was admired by many but couldn’t love herself enough. Her suicide was unforeseen but graphologists say that her handwriting very well indicated the possibility.



An unstable writing, unequal spacing and size of letters are a clear sign of low self-esteem. Her ‘y’ is open and doesn’t curve upwards which signifies her opinion of a dismal life. The low crossed ts show her lack of enthusiasm and feeling of abandonment. The following extract is from her suicide note and towards the end it was noticed that the writing became a lot more untidy. Graphologist claim that all these signs positively lead to depression which can lead to suicide attempts over a prolonged period of time.

  1. Ranbir Kapoor

The heartthrob of Bollywood and much controversial personal life, Ranbir’s handwriting has a few things to tell.



The wavy baseline in a strong indicator of a fickle personality. The difference in the ‘p’ even though written almost alternately is a sign of indecisiveness and his inability to remain loyal. The loop in R and a small stroke in the ‘o’ (love) is a phallic symbol which indicates sexual drive. The clear lack of symmetry in the handwriting also shows how he is likely to behave in a relationship i.e. unpredictable and uneasy.

So ladies, there is more than meets the eye. Just saying. :P
Now why don’t you go ahead and grab your notebooks and see what your handwriting says about you?


Picture Credits- Google images
By Pratishtha Khattar


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