Diary Of A Short Guy – What Is It Like To Be Short

“If I had one wish then I would help the little ones by killing the tall ones.” – Author.

You know life is not fair when it gives you a less than average height. Because of all the things I could suck at, I suck at growing up physically.


I’m 5’4”. I’m a short guy. Let me tour you to the life experience of a short guy.

CONs :-

All your friends are taller

Yes, you are that only short person in a group of friends who never goes unnoticed. Sitting behind your friend on a bike, you are barely able to see on the front road. While your friends could count the number of hair on your head, you can easily manage to peek inside their nostrils. This is what it looks like:


Walk Faster

When you are short, you get a lot of  “Walk Faster”. Well, excuse me, I have tiny feet I freakin can’t. You are not able to match your walking speed with your friend’s. Now you know why almost all athletes are tall.

Crowd Alert

Concerts, plays, matches, whatever it is the crowd is always the problem. In fact, Crowd is the worst enemy of a short person. Even if one average-heighted person stands in front of you, the entire view is blocked. And guess the un-fun part. Your friends pick you up whenever you go to a concert. Everytime!


Getting called chotu is the most hurtful of all. I would rather get kicked in the balls than be called chotu. Random strangers, including dhobis and plumbers, from nowhere would prefer to greet with such derogatory term. It really really really hurts.


PROs :-

Never too old to look young

The only argument favoring short height is the fact that you could always look young. Just one clean shave and voila, there’s the young you. While all your friends look more than their age you look younger than yours.


Saved from hefty tasks

Picking up heavy baggage is something we all avoid, especially if it’s someone else’s. If you look short then you automatically look young and hence nobody expects you to carry heavy bags or do immense tasks.

There it was. This is the answer to the un-asked question, how does it feel to be short.

If you fellow short height-ers agree with all of the above then Do Share. I feel ya.

And to the tall people who are reading this, I salute with my tiny little middle finger.


And Haan, Latakne se height nhi badhti. And I did drink Complan growing up.


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