Season 11 Of Bigg Boss To Have Dhinchak Pooja Face-To-Face With Wrestler Geeta Phogat!

Yes, you read that right. No, we're not kidding.

It’s happening. It’s finally happening. The modern pop icon of India’s youth, Dhinchak Pooja is finally going to grace our TV screens on a regular basis because if rumors are to be believed, she’s all set to appear in season 11 of the TV show, “Bigg Boss”.

Yes, you read that right. I called her a pop icon and gave you a priceless piece of information about her.

Dhinchak Pooja
The modern queen of cringe pop music in India, Dhinchak Pooja.

But don’t get me wrong, folks. I don’t mean to bash, hate on or criticize Dhinchak Pooja, as she happens to lead the liberation movement of cringe pop music in India and that’s a really noble cause (Okay. You get the sarcasm, right?).

Another piece of information is that Commonwealth Games gold medalist wrestler Geeta Phogat (remember the mega-hit movie “Dangal”? Yeah, it was based on her.) is also rumored to be in the list of contestants, along with Nia Sharma and Kabir Bedi.

Geeta Phogat
Geeta Phogat, the CWG gold medalist wrestler.

A couple of forgettable names from the world of Indian TV shows are set to make an appearance as well and the COO of Colors channel, Mr. Raj Nayak recently released a video which tells how common people can be a part of this show, too (I can only imagine who’d miss this opportunity).

Bigg Boss, which has gained reputation as one of the most controversial shows on TV is set to continue with its 11th season on the run, with reports flowing in that Salman Khan is set to host it, yet again.

The leaked list of the celebrities has given the fans a clear idea that the show’s shenanigans can expected to be at an all time high and there’s lot to look forward to if you’re in for controversy, melodramatic displays of emotion, half-baked love stories and a monolith of cuss words in the name of reality TV.

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Dwelling into the list of celebrities more, the 3 most striking names on the list are Kabir Bedi (the veteran actor whose wife is younger than his daughter), Geeta Phogat (the good girl) and Dhinchak Pooja (the cringe factor).

Miss Dhinchak Pooja has been a shock addition, given her status as an instant internet “celebrity” showing that producers will do whatever they can to make sure the ratings stay high and the audience gets its daily dose of “masala entertainment”, which has kept this show running for 11 seasons.

Add that to the fact of commoners being a part of the show like last season and you’ve got yourself the perfect cocktail for reality TV on your screens for 90 days.

So there you have it, folks.

One of the most debated-about shows is all set to make a comeback and I’m sure Bigg Boss fans are just as excited as they always have been.

Would you like to be a part of the show or do you have some more scoop to share about it?

Let us know in the comments! Or not.

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