DEvil: Fathers Who Stabbed, Burnt And Killed Their Children

DEvil: Satanic, devilish and evil stories from around the world

Celebrating Father’s Day is a way to thank them for everything they have done for their children. Fathers take up the role of a protector in the child’s life. But if you thought all fathers are the same you are sadly mistaken.

There are fathers who have killed their own children for pleasure, vengeance or merely because they wanted to.
It is surprising just how common ‘filicide’ – the deliberate act of killing a son or daughter – actually is.
Not every father deserves a salute. We bring you fathers from around the world that you will dread and despise.

1. Sharpe, an Australian resident killed his 19-month old daughter, Gracie by firing spears from his gun into her head. He also killed his pregnant wife. Sharpe confessed of killing his daughter in a moment of madness.

2. In 2013, an Englishman called Ceri Fuller stabbed his three young children, Samuel, Rebecca and Charlotte, He repeatedly stabbed his kids until they died due to excessive bleeding and deep cuts.


3. Jabulani a young man from South Africa openly admitted of murdering his 11-year old daughter and 8-year old son only to take revenge on his wife who had left him. During trials he showed no remorse instead, described his crime in explicit details without a tinge of shame.


4. Joseph Goebbels was the right hand of Hitler. When Germany lost the war, Goebbels killed his six children by feeding them cyanide capsules. He did not even consider escaping out of Berlin.


5.John DeBlase from Alabama poisoned his children Natalie and Chase with antifreeze while their mother Corinne was away.

Honorary Mention:

Crappy fathers are not a phenomenon restricted to our times. The Great King Peter of Russia, in a fit of rage butchered his own son Ivan. King Constantine, who finds mention in The Bible, also killed his son just like King Peter. The character of Lot is famous in The Bible for the battle of Sodom, he also fathered his grandchildren by sleeping with his daughters in a cave.

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