5 Bollywood Horror Movies Which Qualify For Comedy Genre Instead

Be it any film industry in the world, horror is one genré which isn’t easy to do justice to. One loophole and BAM, horror movies move to another genré altogether. The movie becomes a butt of jokes with even one mistake!

We introduced you to some Hollywood movies with weirdest objects as their focus, last week. Now, it is about time to dig into our very own B-town, only that this time the movies are weird instead of the possessed inanimate objects!

Here is a list of some weirdly funny Bollywood horror movies to be ever made :

1. Paapi Gudia


Have you ever heard about this movie? In case you haven’t, then please please hit Google right away.

Now, that you have googled even I’d like to know why is this a horror movie?

Oh wait, something that’ll surely haunt you if you happen to watch this movie is (BODY SHAMING ALERT) Karishma Kapoor’s bushy eyebrows that almost touch her eyelids! YEEKS.

2. Darwaza


Darwaza is a perfect stress buster in the name of ‘horror’. This movie, in fact gave birth to this new genré movies which can be termed ‘comic horror’.

Honestly, this movie was nothing but hype. From what my parents told me the producers had declared cash award for whoever watches this movies in theatre alone.

And one person who did try acing it died of cardiac arrest. Legend has it that he died of laughter Lol.

3. Saamri


Saamri, just like any other movie in this list was funny and not scary. If the industry worked properly in that time, the movie would’ve won an award in the comedy genré.

The plot is as insane as it can get. Saamri, a wealthy landlord is murdered by his relatives for the ‘jayadaat’. His most trusted bodyguard then resurrects his soul. Samara then scares the hell out of people or at least tries to. Lol.


4. Wo Kaun Thi

No one could answer that question even after 3 hours in the hall.

A young woman asks for lift to graveyard from a driver. He gives her a lift. She disappears. And hence the title ‘wo kaun thi’. I just want to say, dude wo CON thi. LOL.


And how is this movie scary, I really don’t know. Beautiful spirits singing melodious songs and disappearing, that’s not what horror is.

5. House No. 13

As obvious it can get, House No. 13 is haunted in the movie. When a family moved in House No. 13, series of events happen which definitely makes you laugh.


This movie tops all charts of giving you the creeps. I mean a ‘fake’ painting of ‘Mona Lisa’ develops skin rashes in the movie and that’s supposed to be scary.


Such horror movies, much wow.

Have more movies to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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