Demonetisation Is Problematic But For Once Can The Opposition Stop With The Political Games?

So the silent former Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh has finally broken his silence and spoken out against the demonetization rule that shook the entire country on the 8th of Nov.

After the ruling came out that from 8th Nov. mid night, all 500 and 1000 rupee notes will be considered invalid, there was a lot of flurry of action by common citizens of the country hurrying to get their money changed and withdraw a little bit of money.

And sure, for whatever good intentions and goals that the demonetization had, such as putting an abrupt and surprised stop to all black money dealings, this rule has eventually affected the common public more than anyone else to be honest.

It is the regular citizen, who is having to stand in bank lines for hours upon hours on end just so that the daily living can go on.

In the midst of all this, the politicians woke up after a few days from the shock they got and since then it has been one politician after another, condemning the rule and pointing out how wrong it is and that Modi should withdraw it and a number of other things.

2000 rupees notes

Demonetisation- Another Political Agenda For Opposition

A politician here or there I won’t take names, have gone to stand in bank lines all just to portray of how aam they are and shine a light on the poor plight of the janta.

Then Kejriwal amd Mamata Bannerjee decided to hold a protest against demonetisation.

Now, Manmohan Singh too is calling demonetisation  a “monumental mismanagement” and while sure, perhaps we all can agree that the transition has not been the smoothest and if the metro cities only are suffering through so much, just think of the rural or the poor class and how difficult their daily life must be right now.

And while Dr. Singh is not all wrong in what he said however it is what he didn’t say that is truly irking me right now.

Can The Opposition Actually Suggest Something Good For Once?

Ok, so the blame games have happened, and everything that is wrong with the demonetisation rule has been brought forward.

But can we now move forward from this and for once can the opposition actually bring some suggestions on how we move past this, instead of just piling onto the ‘problem’ section?



And this is not just for Congress or Singh, but for every politician out there, who is crying how unjust and unfair this ruling is to the ‘poor people of India’ I would just ask, what exactly are you all doing to help the citizens and make their lives a bit easier?

If this ruling is so wrong, then this would be the best time to upstage the current govt. by doing something really wonderful, something that both helps the public and wins you govt. parties brownie points.

Signing off I would just like to say that, instead of putting forth more and more problems against demonetization, I believe politicians especially opposition should put forward suggestions through which the process can be made a bit smoother.

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