FlippED: Is Delhi University Really Better Than IP University? Our Bloggers Fight It Out!

The two most popular choices to define who you are, we take a look at the eternal debate of DU vs IPU.

We are back with FlippED! And this time our two Bloggers are fighting about the clash between Delhi University and GGSIP University (better known as IP University)!

“Do you have 100% cut-offs in IP University? No! Do you have over achievers who are being glorified on national TV saying that they’ll get into IPU? No! Argument finished. DU> > >IPU.”

~ Tanmay Mehra

For those who are still not satisfied with my stance against IP University, here you go:

First of all, let me point out the irony. I don’t even study in Delhi University, I study in ye olde IPU.

You might find it strange that a student of IP University is espousing another university which without a doubt rejected him. And that is my primary point.

DU is the go-to destination. It’s like the T3 terminal at the IGI airport. Sure, you wouldn’t mind your flight going through Terminal 1D, but T3 would have been absolutely great.

Secondly, as I said earlier, I have been rejected a LOT by DU (I even wrote an article on it, read it here). But, I still favor it over the university I study in.

The first thing that takes me over to DU is the culture, one that has been built over decades of tremendous personalities passing through and leaving their indelible marks for the future generations to tread in.

DU vs IP University

When you realize that the likes of Amartya Sen, Narendra Modi, Amitabh Bachchan, Khushwant Singh and Vikram Seth have studied here, it really humbles you. It makes you think that you are a part of something big.

I can’t speak for the current culture in DU that is gathering an extremist overtone. That is nothing but an anomaly in the wonderful data set that we have.

Studying from DU is not just about books (books are certainly the case in my college in IPU), it is about learning about life, meeting wonderful people and making the college life that you have a memorable and educating one.

Many critics point out that DU peeps are busy in fests and competitions and weed. Well, weed aside, these events instill very basic and essential leadership skills.

People emerge transformed from DU, they are no longer the shy, demure people who went in.

Aside from the lack of some professional courses like B.Tech (NSIT, DTU, IGDTUW are still there) and BBA (Well, B.Com=BBA), the rest of the courses are simply better in terms of faculty and resources.

And you know the best part, DU is a free form molder. It lets you choose your own way. If you want to study, study. If you want to debate, debate. It won’t force you to conform yourself to a permanent set, which is certainly what I have observed in IPU.

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Now, let’s take a look at the other side of the story:

“Give me 1 good reason why most modern DU graduates end up unemployed with their fancy bachelors degree and why they’re so interested to protest about everything.”

~ Sahib Singh

To those wish to glorify extra-curricular activities over hands-on education, college reputation over grades, protests over real jobs which get you paid generally constitute the modern millennial crowd of Delhi University.

There’s no 100% cut-off but is there an entrance test to test a person’s logical ability/aptitude or you naive enough to convince me that your CBSE / ICSE Boards marks are enough to give you a credible college to pursue your degree?

Sure, you’ve got the brand name but DU has conveniently decided to omit technical courses from its ambit and those living under the illusion that is NSIT and IGDTUW, good morning. These are now different universities.

IP University gives you the direction towards getting a real job along with other opportunities and the extraction of the best begins from the first step, itself. A centralized test per degree course to analyse which individuals are only thriving because of 12th-grade marks is a good criteria to separate the 2 crowds.

Next up, let’s talk about the idea of no student politics in IP University, something which has helped the students focus on things which matter, like academics (Looking at you, Ramjas students). This creates a violence-free, mobilization-free atmosphere in the campuses, something which is deeply lacking in most of DU.

The glam effect rubs off on kids and they tend to ignore the benefits of IP University over a life of “chilling”. Courses like B. Tech. and BBA can’t be looked down upon or overlooked to favor a certain institution because of its co-curricular activities.

Rather, looking at IP University’s idea of building skillful individuals who can contribute to not just corporate or technical but other sectors as efficient professionals, DU could learn a thing or two.

The model of constant testing via exams or project development is something IP University gives to its students in its curriculum to bring the best out of them and allows them a chance to exhibit their talent on various stages.

The idea isn’t to inculcate leadership qualities or good presentation skills at the expense of technical skills, the idea is their amalgamation to build a quality professional and that’s what IP University thrives in.

So there you have it, folks!

Choose wisely.

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