An arrest of two men who were smuggling marijuana from the United States led the Delhi Police to list some weird side-effects of the drug in a press release on Tuesday.

The list included the names of the different varieties of marijuana and their respective side-effects.

The press release garnered a lot of negative attention on social media and the Delhi Police also received backlash from the netizens for publishing such an absurd and senseless report on a topic that is relatively quite serious and sensitive.

They were also blamed for indirectly promoting drug abuse by releasing a list of such “pleasant” and “appealing” effects of the drug instead of issuing strict warning against the same.

According to the release, Bubba Kush, a popular drug in the USA can give you a ‘contagious laughter’ whereas Jack Herer helps you become ‘friends with everyone’.

(Sadly, I didn’t know about this in high school, maybe I wouldn’t be such a loner then.)

The drug Alien OG makes you ‘laugh at your own jokes‘ while a variety of marijuana by the name of DAB would make you ‘intimidating hot‘.

The list of ‘side effects’, if we can call them so, doesn’t end here. Apparently, if you’re exasperated at the number of guys who’ve ghosted you or have left you hanging after the second date, then the drug ‘Grandaddy Purr’ may come to your rescue as it makes the drug user ‘always available’ to you.

Quite an exciting offer, isn’t it, ladies?

But despite these harmless ‘side-effects’ as recorded by the Delhi Police, marijuana is still an illegal drug in India. The smuggling of the same is also a heinous crime in the eyes of the law.

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The police have listed these effects based on inputs from the two men during questioning. The Additional Commissioner Of Police, Rajeev Ranjan said,

“The men made claims about the effects of the different varieties of marijuana. There is also ample research on the internet about the same.”

After publishing such a weird list of side-effects of marijuana, how could the Delhi Police be excused by the Twitterati from some casual trolling?

So here are some funny responses from Twitter that caught our attention:

For now, the press release has been taken down by the authorities but the screenshots of the same continue to spread ‘contagious laughter’ on the internet.

Was Delhi Police trying too hard to be millennial or were they wanting us to start liking these drugs or what?

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Sources: News 18, Indian Express, Wikipedia + more

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