Delhi Metro Might Be Getting Pricier Sooner Than You Think

Delhi Metro in a short amount of time has become more precious to a large number of us than anything.

It is because of this metro that the common public has finally been able to rise up against the tyranny of the auto-drivers and have not just an alternative, but faster and cheaper mode of travelling.

Even those who would earlier turn up their nose at ‘public transport’ were using it on a regular basis due to its many benefits. The biggest one being that you don’t have to be stuck in an unrelenting traffic jam that turns a 15-minute drive into a 35-minute journey.

However, Delhi Metro might soon be bringing about a change that many of won’t like much.

Delhi Metro as per reports, will be raising the minimum fare for passengers from the earlier Rs. 8 to Rs. 10 and the maximum will increase to Rs. 50 from the earlier Rs. 30.

The DMRC or the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation board has accepted the proposal to increase the fare on Monday that is 8th May 2017.

This new fare will be valid till September, after which the fare will raise again from October 1st by with addition of Rs. 10 of over 2km of travel.

The good news in all this is that the new fare structure will have its exceptions which will be Sundays and national holidays, on which, the minimum fare will be Rs. 10 and maximum will be Rs. 40.

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Why Delhi Metro Needs This Raise?

While the rise in prices might not be the best of news for us common folk, the Delhi Metro actually needs this increase in order to keep up with the maintenance and operations of the public transportation.

We must keep in mind that prices of everything around us has gone up by considerable margins, and the DMRC has been after a fare increase since 2009 when the electricity prices rose up by about 90% which resulted in about a quarter of the total DMRC operations cost.

The chairman of NITI Aayog, Arvind Panagariya was quoted in a letter to the principal secretary to PM Modi stating that “at the current level, the fares are inadequate for the provision of high quality services and maintenance”.

If taken that way, a rise in the fares for Delhi Metro does not sound that unfair.

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