Delhi Metro Rail Corporation or the DMRC has presented before the High Court and said that the nominal fee they charge for use of toilet and drinking water at metro stations is to prevent the misuse of those facilities and maintenance.

This news comes in light of a recent appeal made by a lawyer Kush Kalra who wanted the DMRC to take action at its station and work to provide free drinking water and toilet usage.

This appeal was made against a single judge’s order of how although a commuter has the right to drinking water at stations but not for free.

The advocate Kush Kalra then filed an appeal through another advocate Kush Sharma according to news sites wherein they challenged this judgement and asked the DMRC to not only provide free drinking water and toilet use but also pointed out that supposedly metro stations do not have an adequate number of dustbins.

What Is The DMRC Saying

In an affidavit that the DMRC submitted before a bench of Justices AK Chawla and S Ravindra Bhat, they stated that this nominal fee was only as a safeguard against any misuse of these facilities.

The bench addressing this issue had pulled up the DMRC as to why they were not providing these services to commuters for free and asked if the corporation had lost “a sense of human problems”.

They added that, “You go anywhere in the world, there are toilets at the Metro stations. Show us the data and reasons for not providing these facilities. You have this policy in place for the last 14 years.”

The Delhi Metro for their part has said according to sources, that in the case that someone is unable to pay that amount they can approach the staff at that station and will then be allowed to use the toilet or drink water free of cost.

The DMRC also brushed away the supposed allegations of the petitioner and in its affidavit said that they had water ATMs set up across the station that provides water for a minor charge of Rs. 2 per glass.

Apart from that, there are also kiosks and shops all over the metro station that sell a variety of beverages including drinking water and that the commuters are allowed to carry their own water.

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There Is Nothing Wrong With Charging This Fee

Let’s be honest, the Indian public is not the cleanest or law-abiding, and putting all these things for free just allows them to dirty it and misuse it to their heart’s contents.

And frankly, Delhi Metro is not the first to put such a small charge on these facilities, London and other countries also charge a small fee to use the washroom and more.

This money then eventually goes into the maintenance and upkeep of these places like getting clean water, keeping the washroom hygienic and supplied with necessary things like soap, paper towels and more.

And all in all, the fee is truly not that great, 1-2 rupees to use a toilet or drink water is not something that is creating a big hole in anyone’s pocket.

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Sources: The Hindu, Firspost, The Indian Express 

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  1. All services are included in the ticket once u purchase the ticket and travel by metro so it is not good on part of dmrc to call it nominal charge …jaipur metro , Mumbai.metro provide these services for free


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