Dear Kejru, Implement These 5 Solutions To Solve The Delhi Traffic Problem

The Delhi traffic problem is just increasing by the day and there seems to be no work being done to curb it at the earliest.

Hour long traffic jams, blatant disobedience of traffic laws and frankly downright idiotic way of handling oneself on the road, whether in or out of the car, all contribute to just increasing the problem.

Where earlier traffic jams were usually reserved for holidays, festival time especially Durga Puja and/or a public event, these days it is just a given that you will be stuck in traffic. No matter what time you leave or what route you take.

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However, since our dear CM is way too busy with… um, something important I’d assume, why don’t we only give him some creative solutions in order to combat the traffic problem:

1. Odd-Even For Women:

Now, keep in mind that this is all very serious business, and so must be taken in the very highest regard.

And so, in order to solve the Delhi traffic problem the first rule to be implemented is an odd-even scheme for women.

delhi traffic problem

All the time these women are going out, to lunches, kitty parties, shopping and more and frankly this needs to come to a stop.

So an odd-even day for women where one day they go out, one day they don’t. I’m sure 70% of the afternoon traffic will get curbed by just this solution.

2. The Bigger Your Vehicle, The Longer The Red-light:

So basically, something that would surely solve the traffic crisis would be to raise the red light limit for bigger vehicles to 1 hour.

delhi traffic problem

Whereas scooters and bicyclists would only have to wait for 1 minute and then they can be on their way.

Being jealous of the bicyclists, all these big car owners too will start to travel by that only.

3. Cyber Hub A No Car Zone:

Okay so may this point is not just limited to the cyber hub in Gurugram, but also to all the office complexes in Delhi.

delhi traffic problem

What I propose in all my infinite wisdom is that all the roads till at least 1 km around every office complex should be blocked.

Only, cycles or shared autos will be available, otherwise one can definitely walk to their office building.

4. Ban 

First off, before anything else just ban all the velle ladke who drive around with the music turned up at 100, throughout the day.

Before banning anything else in the country, we should be banning such people.

5. Cow Is Our Maata:

Last but not the least would be to just use the cows as transport. These days they have much more facilities than the citizens of the country.

delhi traffic problem

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