Disclaimer: I am nowhere stating it as a fact that either of these items were stolen or gifted, some reports claim that it was gifted, while others report them as stolen. That topic I believe is a debate for another time.

India was not called the ‘golden bird’ or ‘sone ki chidiya’ for nothing. According to certain sources, ancient India was the global trading hub wherein it was the world leader in exporting a number of items like cotton, gems, food, diamonds etc. In turn, India was also the largest exporter of spices to the Romans in exchange of which India received gold.

But even apart from that India, before the invasions, especially the colonial one was a wealthy and prosperous country that had an abundance of riches of practically every kind.

It is said that even the British invaded India owing to the riches it had, the lack of unity between the various kingdoms and the mass amount of labour that was available.

This invasion though also gave the British free reign over the treasuries of India and a lot of Indian jewels and artifacts found their way to England and their coffers.

Let us take a look at some of these jewels and how they might have been stolen by the British Empire:

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stolen from india

stolen from india

stolen from india

stolen from india

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