C.R.A.C.U.N.S Unleashed: A 3D Printed Underwater Drone

The future of drones isn’t the skies. It’s the ocean. –Gizmodo.

Welcome C.R.A.C.U.N.S, a Corrosion Resistant Aerial Covert Unmanned Nautical System drone that prefers to stay underwater than to see the colour of the sun. Named after a mythical underwater legend Kraken, this drone was developed by the famous researchers at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland.

With its ability to stay underwater for months, Cracuns is designed for various “high-risk” missions and comes to play when summoned. So imagine a monster resting on top of a submarine, on its marks, waiting to take charge. Cool, right?


3D Print At It’s Best:

3D printing is definitely not a new concept when it comes to making drones but using it to make something that is lightweight and water resistant is not something everyone can think of. One of the most innovative features of this sneaky little drone is that it doesn’t require structural metal parts or machined surfaces to launch itself from significant depths under water.

The most sensitive and the visible parts of this device are sealed in a dry pressure compartment that is waterproof and water pressure resistant.

Not only this, all the exposed parts are protected with coatings that save them saltwater corrosion. No wonder the drone could survive for more than two months underwater unharmed.

U.S Navy and Its Secret Weapon:

Also to make our lives simpler and better, the manufacturing of CRACUNS is low of cost and the absence of any metal parts just proves to be a cherry on top. And it is no brainer that who will be benefited most from this. Yes, you got it right. The U.S Navy! With its ability to resist water pressure, it can be used for everything from anti-drug missions to counter-piracy and surveillance, and even humanitarian missions.

Also, check out the video below to see the unleashing of this sea legend.



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