The Musharraf-Manmohan Singh four-point formula had resolved the Kashmir Conflict by a mature and astute policy— LoC will be made “irrelevant”, “just a line on a map “ as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on March 24, 2006.  The Economic and social development would make this possible.

Both India and Pakistan won’t accept  Kashmir’s independence and so the four-point plan fits like a glove.

The Hurriyat leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq back then had favored the formula as a “good beginning” for a lasting solution.

Inefficient leadership

The unfortunate part is that due to internal disturbances in Pakistan and coalition government in India, the dialog process got derailed and the formula never got implemented.

On being asked whether Pakistan would be ready to give up its claim to Kashmir, General Musharaff had famously remarked: “We will have to … if this solution comes up”.

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Four Point Solution to Kashmir Issue

  • Borders to remain as it is on Maps and people on either side of the Line of control to be allowed to move freely.
  • Self-Governance or autonomous status (not independence) to Jammu and Kashmir along with Pakistan Occupied Kashmir for internal Management in all areas like trade, tourism, waters to maximize the socio-economic development of the region through cooperation.
  • Troops to be withdrawn from the region in a phased manner.
  • A joint supervising mechanism to supervise the implementation of such a road-map for Kashmir. This comprises of Indian, Pakistani and Kashmiri representatives.

It Is Not A Feasible Option

Allowing free movement of people across borders could ease the infiltration of terror elements from Pakistan which would like hitting the hammer on our own foot.

Even if we agree to a  joint supervising mechanism, the reality is that Pakistan and India working together would be like mixing oil and water. There is a huge trust deficit between the two countries.

All of us aware of what has happened after the gradual withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and none of us would like to repeat such a blunder.

Burhan Wani’s Death

There has been a rapid rise in radicalization as even educated youth have continued to join militant ranks. After the death of Burhan Wani, tensions have escalated to the peak and there seems to be no going back.


As of now ending the deadlock and opening channels of communication between India and Pakistan, would be a huge step rather than even thinking about this important decision.

A Kashmir Without Stone Pelters

We don’t know when we will see a happy and bright Kashmir without any stone pelter. As of now, I just want the ongoing protest to halt so that no more bloodshed takes place.

No one knows the future. We only wish and pray that terrorism should end and that there should be pencils instead of stones and guns in the hands of children of Kashmir.

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