The idea is not to be a sore winner when you do good at something. The idea is constant progression and thriving under any condition to build yourself and have a constantly competitive mentality which allows you to be the best you can be.

I’m not gonna rant in this article that as to how you should always try to win at the smallest of things such as “Who gulps the beer the fastest?” or “Who works the most hours?”.

I’m just gonna talk about that why people who live with a competitive mindset aren’t always assholes by nature and are rather driven individuals with a penchant for being a standout personality.

Surviving with a competitive mentality doesn’t come easy. Look at the likes of LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo and you’ll know what I’m saying.

Competitive Mentality

It has often led me to extreme levels of self-analysis which further makes me stress on the little issues in my daily life but at the same time, it allows me an avenue to have a constant hunger for success and do great in all aspects of life.

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I don’t essentially go out of my way to prove a point or seek validation for my success from peers or elders. From a very personal perspective, it just allows me to grow day by day and it allows me to develop an attitude where I don’t run away from my problems.

How do I achieve that state? Let’s do a little analysis and dive into my psyche. I’m sharing some secrets here, haha :

Firstly, the effort to control your urge to be competitive never helps. Rather, use it as a counterproductive means of development of your own self.

Being a competitive person doesn’t have to bear the cost of you being a prick. Using it to your own advantage can allow you to find specific avenues where you find yourself doing exceptionally better than your peers.

Not only does it allow the possibility to give you an edge, it allows the possibility of versatility to exist and flourish, which in turn gives you the advantage of excelling in more avenues than you ever thought.

The next point is the most important: A competitive mentality doesn’t need to be comparative. You don’t need to be better than “the other guy” to strut your stuff. You just gotta focus on being “the guy”.

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