Come Celebrate Your Christmas With Jack And Jill

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.

But wait, isn’t that too old and cliché.

Jack and Jill are going to Le Meridian to celebrate Xmas,

Where there is a carnival having things of their business.

santa pals final creative

In the carnival, they’ll meet Santa who makes friends with every kid.

Nasty kids, beware, for he has account of all the bad deeds you did.


Far from the North Pole, on a one horse open sleigh, carrying a joyous smile and a bounty of treasures,

Santa will be there to take away your sorrows and release you from all the pressures.


To all the little Fashionistas out there, there will be a Fashion Show organized for you

There will also be exciting Games with small treasure hunts and their clues.


Make your kid excel in his talent by making him participate in our Talent Show.

We will also have Wonder Science section to transform your kid into a pro.


There will be Storytelling conducted for all the Storytime Sweethearts,

Where your kid will receive the values which the story imparts.


There will be exciting Rides to make your child happier.

So bring them to our carnival and take them back jollier.


Give your family a great time filled with fun and excitement.

Make your child celebrate Christmas in an atmosphere lively and vibrant.



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