Who cares if one more light goes out

In the sky of a million stars

It flickers, it flickers

Read the words from Linkin Park’s latest album One more Light.

Chester Bennington was the lead singer for Linkin Park, Dead by Sunrise and Stone Temple Pilots (2013-2015).

He died on the 20th July 2017. He was indeed a light amidst the million stars in the sky. For most of us, he shone brighter than these million stars.

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 What does this mean for the millions out there? A lot!

Chester, through his career as the front man of these various bands, particularly, Linkin Park, has inspired many people.

In songs about grief, fear, mortality, isolation and everyday-self loathing, Chester’s voice soared.

Through Linkin Park, he was able to draw a generation into the world of Rock Music. His ability to scream and hit all the high notes and his equally gentle vocals makes him one of a kind.

What makes Linkin Park stand out as a band is their ability to touch millions through their songs and lyrics. Songs like In the End, Numb, and the like are now legends for many.

Chester often candidly talked about how the band’s frequently dark subject was inspired by his own emotional turmoil. His pain that was voiced out through the lyrics was a source of consolation for many.

But in the end. I guess it really didn’t matter.

Chester and Chris Cornell. Buddies to the End.  

Chester was known to have battled drug and substance abuse for years now and on the 20th July 2017, he hanged himself in his private home in Southern California’s Palos Verdes Estates. His death comes right after the death of his friend, Chris Cornell who was the lead vocalist for rock bands Southgarden and Audioslave. Chester was also the godfather of the late singer’s son, Christopher.

It is a shocking revelation indeed and I for one cannot believe the fact that such an amazing soul is lost to us forever. Chester has helped millions battle with their own demons but the sad part was that he was unable to do the same for himself.

One More Light

Linkin Park’ latest album, One More Light, stood apart from their previous albums not only in its genre, as it experimented with various genres like electronic and pop, but more than that, the lyrics also got darker. The songs were more like a cry for help and hinted at a sense of hopelessness.

I’m dancing with my demons
I’m hanging off the edge…

But nobody can save me now

I’m holding up a light

Chasing up the darkness inside

‘Cause nobody can save me (Nobody Can Save Me, One More Light).

Perhaps it was Chester’s way of warning his fans of the inevitable situation.

You Will Be Remembered.

Chester Bennington is truly one of a kind. He is not only recognised as a Rock singer but for many, he was like the voice inside our skin telling us that everything will be all right, that we are not alone and that he too has a voice inside his head that watches everything.

Chester Bennington will always be remembered as the voice for all children who wanted to understand what Rock Music was all about, for adolescent rebels who felt like the world is against them and for all adults who relive their fondest moments through his songs.

In short, Chester was our hero. He was My hero and his memory will live on forever.

Linkin Park is definitely going on repeat for the entire week.

Rest in Peace.

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  1. Truly an inspirational guy.. Who has changed almost the whole world.. we love you Chester .. Thank you for everything..


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