Education is dynamic. With the evolution of better technology, better tools and changing needs of the world we exist in, brick and mortar education is slowing becoming obsolete. The thought process has now changed to make way for a more inclusive and technology entrenched form of education.

With great challenges such as global warming, cyber security and data mining becoming pervasive, there is an urgent need for cross-cultural exchange to tackle such issues.

In keeping with these developments, it is vital that educators equip the youth of today with the right skill-set to tackle these problems. With the changing requirements of society, the concept of employability is also changing.

With that in mind, as a prestigious international institute that enhances the employability of youngsters every year, The University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney has brought together some of the finest minds from across the world to train and educate the budding professionals of tomorrow.

Last and this year, a select panel of UNSW Sydney’s academics and professionals embarked on a multi-city tour across India to network and educate the youths.

Under the theme ‘What Makes You Employable’, the university professionals provided expertise and information about UNSW, Sydney along with taking students through an exciting journey to help them maximise their employability potential. 

So far, they have successfully conducted two India Open Day with a massively positive response from students and parents towards their diverse undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs.

Blair Slater, Senior Careers Consultant (International) at UNSW Careers and Employment

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The interesting part that was observed, however, was that different Indian cities expressed major interest to boost employability through different programs that they offer.

While Bengaluru and Chennai recorded the highest interest and admission inquiries for Engineering and IT related programs, majority of students from Mumbai showed a keen interest towards Business and Management programs. There was also a high volume of inquiries for the university’s renowned Architecture related programs.

During these India Open Day road shows, the teachers ensured that they provided in-depth insights into enhancing students’ employability, which included guiding them about equipping them with the skills, the knowledge, and tools to be able to succeed in their career.

UNSW, Sydney did this not only through consistent interactions with students and parents, but also through diverse and engaging seminars and workshops throughout the event. 

“It is a program that opened my eyes towards a world of opportunities that I did not know existed,” was a comment made by an eager 22 year old architecture student who had just found the Master of Sustainable Built Environment Course at the University of New South Wales in Sydney during the India Open Day in Mumbai.

What drew his interest was the fact that he would get the opportunity to take part in overseas projects, attend lectures delivered by internationally acclaimed practitioners as well build his own professional network – a promise that they have made to hundreds of students attending UNSW’s India Open Day during both their editions.

Through this India Open Day, the ultimate aim was to encourage international students to seriously consider studying in Australia and of the employment opportunities in the country.

With a robust economy, attractive pay packages, and a leading university like UNSW Sydney that makes students industry-ready, the university looks forward to aiding the country in attracting brighter international students for undergraduate and post-graduate studies. 

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  1. The flagship event is an intensive outreach program aimed at allowing prospective students from India to interact with UNSW’s academics to get first-hand look at the range of higher education opportunities and career tracks on offer at one of the top-ranked teaching and research institutions in the world. Over 20 senior UNSW academics from Schools of Engineering, Business, Art & Design, Arts & Social Sciences, Science, Medicine, Law, Built Environment, will fly in specially to help students decode their ideal career. The events have been crafted to enable students and parents to experience UNSW through consultations with the faculty of their dream program.


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