Chaayos Opens In HKV: Haven’t You Tried It Yet?

HKV boasts of another great cafe; tea cafe, CHAAYOS, opening up this month. A fun place to hang out at with your friends and bond over a cup of chai.

ED takes you through the place. 

Chayoos Interior1 (3)












Graffiti on the walls, cushions on the chairs, the colours and a warm cup of tea is not all that the place has to offer. They also have their #ThandiChai. 

Chayoos Interior1 (4)












Your next chill out zone? #WeLoveSofas

Chayoos Interior1












Step in and forget about the rush hour traffic or pending deadlines. #MakeLifeSimpler

Chayoos Interior1 (2)











Calling out to #TeaLovers. ED sure is one. 














Want to work on your next big project? #WorkAtPeace

Chayoos Interior1 (1)











You might just bump into the co-founder here for a casual chat. #RaghavVermaSwag

Raghav Kapoor












Thank god they are not tight on space. #MoveAround













Team ED with Raghav Verma from Chaayos. #ChaiTalk













ED’s take on Chaayos in HKV- totally worth giving a shot.

Personal recco: their Thandi Chai: try it! 

For more information visit:


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