Social media does not exactly have the best reputation with it being considered as the cause of various issues like depression, anxiety, fake news and more. 

While it has some positives, especially allowing communities to build from different parts of the world and also starting world changing movements like the MeToo, for the most part there is more bad than good. 

One of the irritating things about it is how people seem willing to do anything and go to any lengths to get clout and attention. 

A way they do this is by creating those posts we have all seen where 1 like = something, perhaps a prayer, or a hug or some sort of emotional manipulation. 

But this post that we came across, really puts a different spin on the whole business. 

Can These Posts Be Turned Into Something Positive?

The post that was shared by an acquaintance on a WhatsApp group informs how the page is going to clean 1 beach for every 20 story shares that the post gets. 

Although the process is pretty standard, as per all such posts, but it is what they are promising in return that is good to hear. 

Now, I couldn’t really find any source for the post, and thus it is difficult to determine how authentic it is, but even if it is not, it shows that associating some real life action to such a post can be done. 

If people truly want the clout so bad, perhaps they can attach some good cause to it and then actually do it, in order to get even more attention. 

We’ve come across a lot of posts that ask people to like or retweet a certain post otherwise their mother or some other family member will come to harm, or perhaps they will have a bad day. 

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But The Act Needs To Be Carried Out

The main thing here though would be that the action is actually carried out and not just left for dead after the poster has gotten the attention. 

At the very least, this could be a strategy that NGO and such organisations use in order to spread the word about some issue and bring attention to it. 

This way they can get mass awareness about some cause and also show people that just a simple sharing can create some change in their society.

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