Can We Stop Judging Every Movie To Sound Cool Online, Dear Self Proclaimed Critics?

Do you know what is the new fad amongst the so called ‘movie buffs’ online? Well, if you haven’t noticed it yet, let me bring it your notice.

It’s climbing the bandwagon of talking highly about a fresh release and criticising it as ‘overrated’ and ‘overhyped’ later.

Now, you might think that this can be a coincidence but it is not. Lately, this has become a trend. I myself have seen the same people who loved a fresh release, criticising it later.

One would wonder why is this becoming a trend? In an attempt to analyse the same I have come up with a few factors myself which I feel could be the reason. Now, you might not agree with me and you know what? I couldn’t care less about it.

To Look Cool Online

One of the primary reasons behind this is that people want to look cool online. They blindly follow what the top movie critics and reviewers write. They don’t have their own analysation or point of view.

So they go like.. “Bharadwaj Rangan wrote this movie is shit”.. “this movie is shit”, published on Facebook. “Anupama Chopra loved this flick reveals the interview”..”Wow, such good movie”, posted on twitter. And so, on..

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Fear Of Being The Odd One Out

Another reason I could figure out after giving it a lot of thought is that these are the people who fear being the odd one out. So, even if they like a movie and find out that a lot of people didn’t. They immediately flip and change.

Now, these people could also be the same ones who follow movie critics blindly.

Social Pressure

Another factor according to me would be to belong to a particular group or lets say ‘social pressure’. Now, when La La Land released I saw so many people tweeting and facebooking about how they loved the movie.

After a few days, I saw the same people say that La La Land is overrated. Why? Because a few other people told them so and they felt prey to social pressure. This again relates back to how such people do not have their own opinion or fear having a dissented opinion.

To Be The Odd One Out

This is that special category of people who don’t think at all. Their purpose in life is just to say something completely opposite to what general audience says.

So of course, their opinion on movies change faster than Mallya fleeing the country or Mallya getting bail after arrest. Lol.

So they are like..”Wow, I absolutely love this movi.. what? 90% of people like this movie? Haha, what an overhyped movie!”

And, there you go. All these categories makes up almost 60-70% of people on your social networks and hence the *ILOVEITNOIHATEIT* trend amongst the so called ‘movie buffs’.

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below!

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