Can We Just Hold Our Judgements Against Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take 2 For A While?

So Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take 2 is out and after having watched the 1st episode of season 2, and the many reviews about it, I believe I can safely say that can everyone chill out?

Making statements like how it’s ruining the show, it’s a bad start, how it should never have rebooted in the first place and more are making the rounds.

The fact that it has disappointed everyone is largely accepted by the majority.

But I would just like to say to everyone who is disappointed by the first episode to take a deep breath and relax.

Because frankly speaking this is just the beginning and beginnings are always a little difficult no matter what.

sarabhai vs sarabhai

Should Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Have Rebooted?

Well, I’ll be the first to say that initially, I was against the reboot myself, because I foresaw this very reaction from the fans.

I knew very well, that no matter what the production team and the actors did, where they took the story, which new character they introduced, it would all fall short.

Audience expectation, from the brilliance of the first part and the long wait in-between, has been raised to unsurmountable levels, and to be honest, nothing can really reach that level.

So it was inevitable that Sarabhai vs Sarabhai would disappoint a lot of people, no matter what it did.

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Audience Expectation Needs To Come Down A Bit:

But now that the reboot has happened and the 1st episode has already come out, I believe that it is only fair that we as audience give the show a bit of space to get back into motion.

First episodes are always hard, take any show, no matter how popular or well made it might be, the first episode of the season always falls a little short of expectation.

Whether it be Sherlock, FRIENDS, Dr. WHO, even Game of Thrones for me in certain instances, has always disappointed me with its first episode.

There are a couple of reasons why first episodes suck, which are:

– Separation:

The separation, be it the actors from the character or the team, or even just the entire process is affected by it.

Due to not having seen each other for a considerable amount of time, actors tend to fall out of sync and forget the dynamics they had while shooting for the show.

It takes a bit of time, to get that comfort level back and be effortless around each other.

– Audience Expectation:

Even we as the audience build up the series so much during the hiatus that when it does come back for the new season, it is not able to rise up to our imagination.

In the same manner, it is only just that we give the same amount of space to Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and allow it to smooth out the gears, clear up the rust and get back to work.

At least till the 3rd or 4th episode, we should wait to make any judgement.

If even after that point of time, the show is still bad then sure… go ahead and bash it.

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