We4You Events present a 2 day gala experience in the Pink City.

‘Camp RJ14’, the camp is a one-of-its-kind two-day outing for all the dance enthusiasts which will be full of dancing, fun, and frolic along with a whole lot of other activities.

Dates: 13 – 15 September 2017

Venue: Heiwa Heaven Resort, Jaipur-Agra Road, Jaipur

Faculty: 21 renowned artists from all over India

The camp will consist of 12 workshops over the 2 days that span across various dance styles and for the fun and entertainment of the participants there will also be a pool party, DJ nights, live band, dance party and more. If the students work hard then they get to party hard as well.


The event aims to work at:


Delhi and Mumbai are the most prominent cities when one thinks about the dance scene in India. The main aim behind organizing this camp is to make an effort to put Jaipur in the dancing scene. This city has some really amazing dancers willing to learn and training to do so, the idea is to give them learning opportunity and easing their learning process.


The life of dancers is tough, long hours of training are endured to grow. They don’t get much time or many opportunities where they get to train & chill at the same time this camp aims to be a holiday for dancers, where they get to learn from their favourite artist and they also get to spend time relaxing, enjoying themselves.

BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN QUALITY TEACHERS & EAGER STUDENTS: It is not always possible for students to attend classes of their favourite teachers due to many reasons. The camp aims at bridging this gap & making the knowledge of these teachers available to all the eager students willing to take in as much as they can.

The event has been created & designed in such a way as to give a perfect blend of knowledge & recreation to its participants. The entire camp is divided into two sections: The workshops and The fun fete. The participants would get extensive training from our line up of renowned teachers and at the same time, the venue will serve as a party ground with a lot of other activities going on like the pool party, DJ night, games & etc. So they train hard & party harder. Even though there are other activities, the main focus remains the workshops or the training sessions for the students.


The Camp RJ14 team plan to use the infrastructure of the venue mainly & the only addition being the branding [ standee, flexes & posters ], lighting and slight decoration here and there.

Event Timing:

They plan to utilize the 48 hours to the utmost. The workshops will take up 18 hours divided between both the days equally. Various activities will be simultaneously going on at the venue like fun games & stalls.


Our core team consists of 6 hardworking members who will be looking over the smooth functioning of the event with the help of same volunteers Security is our main concern. We are hiring 5 bouncers & 5 guards to keep on eye on the on goings 24 X 7, in addition to the security already provided by the venue.

The main idea behind the camp is to spread the dance culture all over the country and make the knowledge of experienced & renowned artists available to as many people as we can. Since India is already growing on the world’s dance map, there is no harm in giving it a push from our side.

The artist list on board with this camp consists of:

Atul  Jindal and Karan  Kumar- Directors of India’s best dancing school, Big Dance Centre.

MJ5- Winners of the show, “India’s Dancing Superstar”

Dheeraj Soni- Pre-finalist at India’s Got Talent Season 6

Ryan Martyr- Participated in Britain’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance India

Abhishek Das- appeared in India’s Got Talent Season 6 and Dance Plus 2

Shubham Sharma- India’s Got Talent Season 6

Gaurav and Chandni- appeared in Dance Plus

Vineet Sharma- performed at Common  Wealth  Games and “Asian  Games”, that took place in New Delhi. Also participated in reality shows like Dance Plus 3 and So You Think You Can Dance India.

Alisha Shaikh

The fee is just 4000 rupees which is inclusive of the accommodation, three meals a day, the 12 workshops, the dinner & dance party and the pool party as well.

The Camp RJ14 team have conducted promotional workshops in Jodhpur, Delhi, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Rudrapur, Chandigarh& Jaipur. The response thus far has been great everywhere.

The target audiences for this workshop are all the dance enthusiasts. It’s not just a dance workshop, it is supposed to be a recreational event. The dancers work hard in the classes and then get to relax post all the hard work.

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