Theatrically Yours at Calcutta 22; A Play You Can’t Miss By Dramatically Correct

Late night.

A bus stop.
A man is sitting at the bus stop, probably waiting for the last bus to travel somewhere.
A prostitute comes up to him and solicits him for her services. She had hoped to bag a customer, earn some good cash. But what she ended up with is the strange story of how the man woke up three days ago and doesn’t remember who he is, where he came from, what’s he doing here.


Cut to, three average friends. It’s the 70s, and they are hipsters of the evolving city of Calcutta who are looked upon with a decent bit of animosity and intrigue by the society. One friend is passionate enough to move mountains for reaching his whimsy goals. His sister would follow him wherever he goes. Their friend, the only one most practical of the lot tries to act as a voice of reason whenever they make hasty decisions. They feel helpless with their lives and are searching for that one big moment that would help them show to the world that they too, can do great things!

A tea seller with a shady past, still pining for his lost love.

A mad man who has lost touch with reality, or has he?

An address that either makes or breaks people’s lives.


Come join us to figure out how the fates of all these people are going to crash head first into one another. Set against the backdrop of the early 70s, we bring to you a side of Calcutta that’s barely been seen before.
Dramatically Correct brings to you, their first thriller, Calcutta 22.

Venue: Gyan manch
Date: 15th February 2016
Time: 6 PM onwards

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