Burhan Wani Not Dead; This Is Where He Is Still Alive

Life in the Kashmir valley seems to be coming back to normal. With people queueing up in large numbers outside banks and post offices the general population seems to be defying separatist leaders. But when things looked positive for the valley the death of Burhan Wani has reared its ugly head again.

Burhan Wani Is Not Dead

Remember the early 2000’s when Bush killed Osama with the click of our mouse? A video game we all played because who wouldn’t want to kill Osama; but how would you feel if in the latest version of such games Burhan Wani kills Narendra Modi and Kashmir is ‘free’.

Police forces were alerted earlier this week that an android format game called ‘Burhan vs. Modi’ has become viral in the valley and almost every individual seems to be playing it at this moment. The game has 10 levels. In the game, Burhan Wani fights Modi using combination of punches, kicks and wrestle techniques. In the end, Modi is killed and Wani leads Kashmir to ‘azaadi’.

A senior officer of The Kashmir Police said that the game has been traced to its creator and the IP address is located in the South Kashmir region.  The game is not available on Play Store and youngsters are using app sharing platforms that do not need internet connection to get access to the game.

Burhan Wani’s death brought Kashmir to a standstill. The entire region is on shutdown and Separatist leaders are using his death to pressurize government to bow down and adhere to their demands.

Over 85 people have died and 5,000 people injured. The de monetization of 500 and 1000 rupee bank notes brought some normalcy back to the area when people came out of their homes to exchange currency. This was seen a positive sign by many but the sudden emergence of this video game has brought Kashmir on the verge of stand still again.

If an arrest is made there are speculations that separatist leaders might use the arrest to arouse the crowd again and the little success that the government has had so far will go in vain. Wani was seen as a hero by the Kashmiri youth. He recruited hundreds of unemployed young men into militancy. Wani himself joined Hizbul Mujahhidin at the age of 15.

The government has to take every step cautiously and prevent Kashmir from falling into shutdown again. Burhan Wani is a terrorist and should not be made into a martyr.

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