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Life of a tall girl-


‘Arey tumhare liye ladka kaise dhundhenge?????’


I am so sure my anger emotion is not tiny; it is definitely the size of Hulk, just red. It ignites every time I am made fun of or just even told that I am tall.

Like really? “Oh, thank you so much, I didn’t realize that!”

tall girl problems

So basically despite the fact that actresses, models, and all those beauty pageant winners are tall, very tall; a normal girl just can’t be.

The average height of an Indian girl is 5 feet; probability is I might be taller than a great percentage of women out there despite just being 5’7, which is let me tell you, not a lot.

I remember when I was in 9th my ‘pados wali aunty’ would say, “Are beta bas ab ruk jao”.

Seriously if things were in my hand, I would have done what not.

So my relatives will always bring this topic whenever they’d meet me that I have grown so tall (I haven’t grown an inch since 11th) and the ‘groom search committee’ just got screwed (spare me I am 20!).

My friends would not leave me either. They would welcome me to fun facts like a pro, “Hey Riddhi! You know what, if you’re above 5’6 you’re not a girl! You’re a boy!”

Haha! F*** biology!

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But I must tell you people out there, you don’t even know what it is to be a tall girl (except tall girls, of course).

Like do you realize how it feels when your legs won’t fit under the desk, or when your friends would conveniently use you as a selfie stick?

I can’t count the number of times I have had awkward hugs or when the jeans would just end before reaching my ankles.

tall girl problems

And although along with these there are many other difficulties of being a tall girl, I like being one and I am not bothered about how my relatives are ‘worried’ about me.

Because why would height matter so much anyway? People should grow up, forget their height.

Because; short is okay, tall is okay, fair is good, dark is good, fat is fine and slim is fine too.

Not that I hate people joking around, what can be better than being happy and charged all the time! So, tall jokes are fine, but when it becomes over the top I will lose my cool people, and when it isn’t a joke….. I mean are you serious?

Yes, I am tall, please just deal with it.

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