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There is no doubt that most of the millennial generation just cannot stand the filth that is being put up in the name of Indian TV serials these days. 

With a multitude of video of YouTube roasting and roasting well at that practically every single one of those serials, the general agreement is that TV serials or soap operas today big time suck.

There is hardly any plot, story, character development, people die and come back to life as if popping a pill for a headache, plastic surgery means the person changing entirely even their skeleton and other features, people kill, kidnap, set off bombs and more without batting an eyelash.

These shows are sooooo far off reality it is not even funny. 

But there are still some people who watch them, some who are from an older generation and some even from our own who see it as a guilty pleasure. 

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And it is the mocking of these people that I don’t agree with.

Recently while on a trip to a relative’s house I saw that most of them started teasing one of my relative for wanting to watch a certain show on Star Plus. 

That led me to think about how common it is to mock or judge the people around us who do like to watch such shows. 

Now, although I agree with their points I don’t think we should make someone feel uncomfortable for liking something that the majority are dissing. 

I don’t think it is right in any way to make a joke about a person liking such serials constantly and make them feel bad about their likes. 

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