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Like every other 90s’ kid, I loved watching cartoons. Well, who wouldn’t, given that the cartoon channels those days had such quality content. Those days we had Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Disney’s Jetix, Nicklodean, Animax and a few more.

Even the modern generation has to thank Animax for introducing them to the world of Anime. Those good old days!

The Good Old Days

I am not at all exaggerating when I make it sound like those days are of distant past. Mostly things started changing when Cartoon Network changed in 2004.

Previously it had a different logo. Along with it, it telecasted shows that kept us kids glued to the television. And thanks to this channel, we got introduced to the wonderful world of superheroes, even before Warner Brothers and Marvel thought of making movies on them.

Not only superheroes, but we also had Pokemon, Digimon and of course, Beyblade.

You know a show is good when its merchandise gets sold, right? Well, if that’s the case you should have seen how kids went crazy for buying Beyblades for themselves.

That era introduced us to Naruto, Samurai Jack, Sonic and several other characters along with shows like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and many more. Needless to say, they had such quality content that movie production houses are making quick bucks as they make live-action remakes of these shows.

After this golden era, came the age of doom.

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The Dark Days

With Cartoon Network changing, and Disney Channel separating from Jetix, we ended up losing so much.

To put things into perspective, we went from Batman, Justice League, Popeye to Pogo’s Chhota Bheem, our desi Superhero.

And of course, a show about a Japanese kid who studies in a kindergarten, who also happens to be a pervert and objectifies women– Shinchan.

And not to forget we ended up with 3D Tom and Jerry, which didn’t have the charm of the original, at all.

Frankly, I feel sorry for today’s kids as they have no clue what they have missed. But hey I do, and maybe that is why I always end up looking for those classics on YouTube on my free time.

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