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I used to think that if you are paying well at a restaurant, you will always get your money’s worth. In terms of customer service, food quality, quantity and the higher you pay the better the food will be.

Because, obviously, they will be more careful with what they are serving, right?

Apparently, not so much considering the recent experiences I’ve had in some of the hippest and popular restaurants in Delhi and one in Mumbai.

2 times I remember at Chili’s when I was flabbergasted at the kind of food I got, once when I ordered a fish and it seemed a weird blackish and slightly raw in places and another time when we ordered at home from there and they literally sent cold pizza.

Chili’s is under 5 minutes away from my home. Yeah, let that sink in.

It wasn’t even cold like the delivery boy had gotten late and so it had gone cold, but it quite simply looked like they had just taken it out of the fridge and sent it over. It also revealed to me that perhaps their pizzas aren’t as fresh as they claim it to be.

Apart from that, I’ve also had really bad experiences at Big Chill, Smokehouse Deli, and even this one place in Mumbai that was quite fancy and popular but the food there was just atrocious. A paneer burrito or wrap was served all cold, even though it was under the hot section, the filling was spilling out everywhere and it was just an entire mess.

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This, compared with my experiences at any of the several roadside or small restaurants that I’ve been to has made me come to a conclusion.

Those small places are 100 times better in terms of customer service and food than any of these overpriced garbage places that not only have bad food but the service is also so disappointing.

J-Block market that I frequent has a small eatery that serves some of the best food I’ve had till date, the portions are amazing, the price reasonable and the taste is just, wow.

So, a word of advice, don’t ever go to a known restaurant with the expectation that you will get your money’s worth.

Since with what I’m seeing, the quality of these expensive restaurants seems to be going down at a rapid pace and I’d rather not spend my hard-earned money at a place where it is not respected.

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