Breakfast Babble: You Mean, People Chose Sot Waali Aunty Over Baba Sehgal?

I mean, seriously. This generation surely lacks imagination.

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When there are hundreds of people singing Bol Na Aunty Aun Kya?, how can aunties (or any woman for that matter) in Indian cities not get rapey vibes from Delhi?

On Prakash Mishra
Mishra ji, please sot khud ko laga lo.

Women complaining of gangs of men singing this song in CP, were assured that these men did not mean it, and this was only done in good humor! See, a hundred men singing sot mein lagaun kya is threatening. And considering that we are a country that sells rape videos, it is likely that someone would get inspired by this song.

Men sang it because it’s funny. Funny? WHAT HAPPENED TO BABA SEHGAL?


You can have your hatred towards him, but one reason that I really respect Baba Sehgal on is – he doesn’t release these threatening misogynistic songs. He mostly sings of rajma khaane se aata hai fart. Had we sang that, maybe we could’ve done away with stereotypes attached to farting. In public interest.

Baba Sehgal has earned a huge amount of respect from me after this CP incident.

To anyone who follows, you might know that he releases songs on current social issues too – the recent one being GST. Haan, why couldn’t people sing THAT? WHY THE F*** IS AUNTY KI GHANTI SO LUCRATIVE?

The only reason that I can fathom is the inherent masochism. Let us not forget that there was not one woman who sang this song.

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Baba Sehgal is funny, but witty at the same time (depends on what kind of wit you would appreciate). But we have done a great disservice to ourselves by giving a push to Om Prakash Mishra while our dear ol’ Baba Sehgal still has to release a dozen couplets everyday to stay in limelight.

I wish people understand that there are many things which are funny and not threatening at the same time. Baba Sehgal is one of them.

Main Baba Sehgal ki deewani hoon.

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