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First up, this is not a long rant on unemployment and bad career choices, pinky swear. Just a little chat over coffee. Read along!

So, a few days ago I was chatting about career options in law with a fellow colleague (who is also a law student!). Midway our conversation, we realised how peculiar this particular field is.

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Unlike other fields, wherein students are forced by parents to pursue a particular subject, almost all law students choose law out of their own will.

Law as a subject is interesting to read, analyse and understand. But let me just ask all the law students out there, do you want to be a lawyer/litigator/judge/corporate associate/law officer?

If you’re taking less than 10 seconds to answer a no, you friends are in this ironical situation just like all others. (If it’s a yes, awesome. Here, have a cookie!)

As for me…

Anyway, see the irony of it all? We choose what we love but hate having a career out of what we love!

So, yeah. That’s what I have up my head this morning sitting in my office. Taking sips of my perfect coffee while researching.

I have one of the most coveted internships available in my field. I am working on topics and laws I love reading about. Court visits and getting to hear arguments on matters that affect the whole nation, crazy!

But would I take a job right here, if given a chance? Guess not!

That’s my little babble over coffee today, gotta go and work again.

There, there. Waddup, irony?

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